24 June 2021

Early Stage Researchers / Doctoral Students (PhD Candidates) in Artificial Intelligence and law

Early Stage Researchers / Doctoral Students (PhD Candidates) 

in Artificial Intelligence and law

 Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies – Pisa – Italy

LeADS Project (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 ETN) GA 956562


The LIDER-Lab (www.lider-lab.it/en) of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA) is looking to fill 4 research and training positions on Data Science and Law within the EU-funded Legality attentive data scientists (LeADS).

The Early Stage Researchers (ESR), young researchers (see below for job qualifications) can also be enrolled in the Ph.D. National Programme in Artificial Intelligence leading to a doctoral degree.

The positions are funded by the H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 ETN GA 956562 (LeADS) coordinated by Professor Giovanni Comandé of LIDER-Lab. The LeADS Consortium is composed of 7 prominent European universities and research centres (Université Du Luxembourg, Université Toulouse III, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Jagiellonian University, The University of Piraeus, Italian National Research Council) along with 6 important industrial partners (Innovation Acts Ltd, Βυτε Computer S.A, Intel Corporation, Tellu, Indra, MMI SpA) and 2 Supervisory Authorities (Italian Data Protection Authority, Italian Competition Authority).

JOB DESCRIPTION: The ESR/doctoral researchers will be working under the supervision of Professor Giovanni Comandé in the framework of the above-described research project. The ESR/doctoral researcher’s main task will be to collaborate to the Research and Training program LeADS as envisaged in the Grant Agreement and to eventually prepare their doctoral thesis in the same framework. The PhD thesis work will be undertaken at SSSA (Pisa, Italy) in the national PhD program on Artificial Intelligence administered by the University of Pisa. As doctoral students, the ESRs will be jointly-supervised under the direction of the LeADS consortium and will spend also secondment(s) at Consortium members.

Each ESR/doctoral researcher will be assigned to one of the main general topics of the ETN LeADS listed below


Project Title: Reciprocal interplay between competition law and privacy in the digital revolution


 Objectives: Data are more and more important resources in the so-called Digital Revolution: the impact on competition law is increasingly relevant and so are the implications of data protection law on competition law. The researcher will address these implications, analysing some relevant topics: the impact of data portability and the requirements in terms of interoperability in the new GDPR compared to the barriers to entry and to market dominance; how customer data can be “assessed” as an index of market dominance for the big information providers (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon); and how SMEs can benefit from data protection law and competition law in order to increase their volume in the market.



Project Title: Unchaining data portability potentials in a lawful digital economy


 Objectives: Empirically test the potentials of the right to data portability. The research in the framework of LeADS will relate data portability not only to data protection law, but also to competition law and unfair business practices (e.g., offer or price discrimination between groups of consumers through profiling operations), setting the scene for their regulatory interplay in line with current and forthcoming technologies. In doing so specific attention will be offered to the possible technical solutions to guarantee effective portability. Additionally, the technical, statistical, and privacy implications of the new right will be evaluated, such as the need for standard formats for personal data, and the exception in Article 20.2 of the GDPR, according to which the personal data, upon request by the data subject, should be transmitted from one controller to another “where technically feasible”.



Project Title: Differential privacy and differential explainability in the data sphere: the use case of predictive jurisprudence


Objectives: Human life and economy are exponentially data driven. The switch from residential to cloud based data storage is making increasingly difficult to reap the maximum from data while minimizing the chances of identifying individuals in datasets. Researcher will explore the interplay between differential privacy technologies and the data protection regulatory framework in search of effective mixes.


ESR 14

Project Title: Neuromarketing and mental integrity between market and human rights


Objectives: ESR’s research question is whether and how neuromarketing can affect human rights of individuals, considering in particular recent interpretations of rights contained in the European Convention of Human Rights and in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, in particular “mental privacy”, “cognitive freedom”, and “psychological continuity”. Indeed, advanced data analytics provide a very high level of understanding of users’ behaviour, sometimes even beyond the conscious self-understanding of the users themselves exploiting all user’s idiosyncrasies, including user’s vulnerabilities harming the exercise of free decision making

The candidates are, however, welcome to suggest any other topic within the scope of the assigned research thematic for their doctoral thesis.

The ESR/doctoral researcher will benefit from being part of a large transnational and transdisciplinary research group comprising several PhDs and Postdoctoral Researchers working on related topics of AI, Technology and Law. Being part of the project will allow the ESR/ doctoral researcher to enhance his/her knowledge-base and experience; working on the various aspects of the project will not only strengthen his/her academic profile, but also give him/her access to (and the chance to critically engage with) some of the most renowned experts in the field and key industrial players.



We are looking for candidates with demonstrated interest in the Topics of the H2020 LeADS

In particular, the following requirements apply:
- Master of Science (MSc) degree or equivalent. A degree in law is particularly welcome although is not mandatory.
- Fluent written and spoken English.

- Excellent communication and writing skills.

- In order to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the Marie Curie ITN at the date of recruitment, applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their recruitment. Compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not considered. Italian candidates can apply if they have resided in another country for more than 2 years of the last 3 years.

- At the time of recruitment, the candidates cannot have already obtained a doctoral degree and must be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research career.

- Full time Contract 36 Month
- Location: Pisa, Italy
- Employee and PhD student status

- Travel opportunities for training and learning
- Yearly gross salary:

Living allowance of € 40.966,56 (including income tax and retirement pension contributions),

Mobility allowance up to € 7.200

Family allowance (depending on family status at date of recruitment) € 3.000


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please apply ONLINE and include:

  1. A detailed Curriculum Vitae et studiorum (in English)
  2. A motivation letter (Max 1,000 words in English)
  3. A copy of your official academic degree(s)
  4. Proof of English proficiency (self-assessment)
  5. The names and contacts of two referees
  6. Scan of a valid identification document (e.g., passport)
  7. A non-binding research plan of a maximum of 3500 words which must include (in English): 1. the title of the research; 2. the scientific premises and relevant bibliography; 3. the aim and expected results of the research project; The non-binding research plan need to be aligned to one of the research descriptions for the LEADS project.



Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA) is a public university institute - with special autonomy - working in the field of applied sciences. It is a research university whose mission is that of serving as a benchmark and quality public institution, attracting talents which are nurtured and educated, in order to take care of the world and to responsibly contribute to its cultural growth and sustainability.

The Sant'Anna School ranked in Times Higher Education World University Rankings  as follows:

  • 2nd at the national level on a census of 49 institutions
  • 170th at the international level on a census of 1.527 institutions
  • 4th at world level of best young universities (under 50 years old)

The Laboratorio Interdisciplinare Diritti e Regole (LIDER-Lab) at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA) has a long tradition of both theoretical and empirical legal research, training and consulting. It presently works especially on data governance through the lens of comparative law methodologies. Built upon a strong combination of academic and professional expertise, LIDER-Lab research activities also take advantage of the unique interdisciplinary milieu characterizing the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, which allows interactions that range from engineering to life sciences and economics. In the past 20 years, LIDER-Lab has focused its activities on a selected array of research areas, combined through a distinctive cross-field and policy-oriented approach. This makes LIDER-Lab of utmost interest both for policy and decision makers and for private actors and market players as well.





September 6th, 2021

Become Assistant Editor of an upcoming comparative public law journal

Become Assistant Editor of an upcoming 

comparative public law journal 

The Chair of French Public Law at Saarland University is recruiting an Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief for a comparative public law journal to be published in English. 

Your profile: 

 - You have the English level of a native speaker or equivalent (CECRL : C2 - Cambridge English Scale : 200-230). 

- You are preparing a doctorate in law or have a doctorate in law. 

- You have an excellent knowledge of either the legal system of a European country or European Law, or you have a high competence in comparative public law. Knowledge of the French legal system and fluency in the French language are a plus. 

- Advanced Microsoft Office skills. Digital publishing skills. 

Your tasks as Assistant Editor: 

 1. Ensure the follow-up of the publication program defined by the journal's scientific direction. 

2. Proofread and check accuracy of contributions in English to ensure the highest linguistic and scientific quality (approximately 700 pages per year). 

3. Organize the publication of the journal in its web and paper formats. 

4. In addition to your journal-related activities, you will assist the Chairholder in his or her comparative law research and publications in English. 

You will be supported by one secretary (two half-days per week) and editorial assistants (between six and twelve hours per week).

Conditions of employment : 

- You will have the status of "Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter" (Research associate of research fellow) 

- You will be recruited on a half-time basis but you can apply for a shorter working time. The tasks you will be assigned will be carried out in the order of priority indicated above. 

NB: The status of Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter implies a weekly teaching load of two hours (for a half-time position) which you can carry out remotely. 

For more information and application : 

Prof. Dr. Philippe Cossalter, French Public Law Chair, 

Geb. A 5.4, Campus, 66123 SAARBRÜCKEN, GERMANY. 


29 May 2021

Update on Juris Diversitas Conference

 All Conference Documents are available on the EVENTS page:

- Updated program

- Registration chart

- Abstracts and bios for all papers presented in parallel sessions

- Panels with abstracts and bios.

We look forward to interacting with you at this very unique event with participants distributed among 15 time zones! 

20 May 2021

Juris Diversitas 7th General Conference, June 9-11, 2021, Full Program

The full program of our 7th General Conference on the Dark Side of the Law (June 9-11) is now ready.

Click here to download the program or visit our Events page

Our team is working at the logistics, as the conference will be fully online, via Zoom Webinar. 

Additional documents such as abstracts and biography of presenters will soon be available: stay tuned!

The conference is freely accessible to all members in good standing: if you ave not paid your dues for 2021, click on the Membership tab; questions must be directed to our Treasurer and Secretary (contacts indicated on the Membership page). 

15 April 2021

Islamic Law: A Very Short Introduction


Islamic Law: A Very Short Introduction

Mashood A. Baderin

Covers all the three aspects of Islamic law, namely, Islamic legal theory, Islamic substantive Law, and Islamic procedural law

  • Offers both a historical and evolutional perspective of Islamic law
  • Covers both classical jurisprudence and modern legislation from different jurisdictions on many of the issues covered
  • Written in very clear language with all technical terminology clearly explained
  • Part of the Very Short Introductions series - over ten million copies sold worldwide
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 3 MAY 2021 - ISBN: 9780199665594 - EXTENT: 176 PAGES

War and Peace in Outer Space - Law, Policy, and Ethics

War and Peace in Outer Space

Law, Policy, and Ethics

Edited by Cassandra Steer and Matthew Hersch

Ethics, National Security, and the Rule of Law

  • Examines the growing weaponization of outer space and the potential for a space-based conflict in the very near future
  • Features contributions from a range of experts, including academics, military lawyers, military space operators, aerospace industry representatives, diplomats, and national security and policy advisors from Canada, Europe, and the United States
  • Explores the moral and legal issues of space security and the military uses of outer space

PUBLICATION DATE: 13 January 2021- ISBN: 9780197548684 - EXTENT:  334 PAGES


Redundancy - Law and Practice (4th Edition)



Law and Practice (4th Edition)

John McMullen

  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of redundancy law, including individual redundancy, unfair dismissal, contractual redundancy schemes, discrimination, voluntary severance arrangements, and collective redundancies
  • Authoritative coverage of significant recent case law as well as all relevant legislation and statue law
  • Contains practical, working guidance to redundancy, including helpful tools such as precedents, checklists, I specimen letters, HR1 and RP1 forms, and a redundancy payment calculator
  • Authored by the UK's leading authority on redundancy, with over 30 years' experience in employment law

New to this Edition:

  • Fully revised to accommodate all recent case law, such as USA v Nolan [2014]; USDAW v WW Realisation 1 Limited; and critical cases on unfair dismissal including Halpin v Sandpiper Books Ltd, Fulcrum Pharma (Europe) Ltd v Bonaserra, and Mefful v Merton and Lambeth Citizens Advice Bureau
  • All developments in legislation and statute law, such as the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (Amendment) Order 2013
  • Additional material on sex discrimination and the interplay between redundancy, maternity leave, and alternative employment, as well as on collective redundancies.
  • Now tackles issues such as “survivor syndrome” (how do you retain and motivate those who remain in the organisation?), and methodologies of saving jobs, including layoffs, short time working, and state supported job retention schemes.
PUBLICATION DATE: 25 APRIL 2021 - ISBN: 9780198798484 - EXTENT: 480 PAGES

An Equal Place Lawyers in the Struggle for Los Angeles


An Equal Place

Lawyers in the Struggle for Los Angeles

Scott L. Cummings

  • Investigates the multi-faceted role of law in challenging the conditions of key low-wage industries in Los Angeles from the 1992 civil unrest through the 2008 recession
  • Contests critical accounts of lawyering for social change through in-depth study of leadership and legal mobilization in economic justice campaigns
  • Examines how the labor movement builds union density and political power through development of community alliances and innovative sectoral strategies at the local level
  • Reveals how social movement struggle over city power is shaping the future of work in America
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 27 January 2021 - ISBN: 9780190215927 - EXTENT: 688 PAGES 

Law in the United States: Cases and Commentaries, 3rd Edition


3rd Edition
Charles F. Abernathy, Markus G. Puder
The third edition of Law in the United States introduces students to the unique American mix of common law, statutory materials, and constitutional law. Strongly emphasizing American legal methods and American legal history and culture, the book provides a rich array of teaching resources covering both public and private law.

The broader themes discussed in the eighteen chapters of this casebook include the nature and sources of American law, the division of government power and the protection of human rights under the U.S. Constitution, litigation in a federal framework, and the American enterprise system, with a focus on torts, contracts, corporations and eminent domain.

This book lends itself to being used for various target audiences. Over the years, it has proven a valuable learning resource for foreign-trained attorneys enrolled in American Master of Laws programs. Moreover, the range of subjects discussed in the book will assist students who may wish to sit for a state bar examination in a state with specific requirements for study of American legal methods. The book is also highly suitable for pre-law programs at the college level as well as law school seminars. Also, comparativists with an interest in American law may find this casebook a valuable resource in light of the rich commentaries it offers through expositions and notes.

PUBLICATION DATE: 05/03/2021 - ISBN: 9781647085520 - EXTENT: 890 PAGES

14 April 2021

Scheduling the Juris Diversitas General Conference

The General Meeting of Juris Diversitas, originally scheduled for June 2020 in Catania (Sicily, Italy) will be organized online, on Zoom, June 9-11, 2021. The theme is The Dark Side of the Law (La face cachee du droit). It will feature over 70 presentations, 7 panels, and 3 keynotes, with over 100 presenters. The conference will be accessible to all members of  Juris Diversitas having paid their dues in 2021 (see our Membership page). No conference fees will be charged. 

We are planning the event taking into account that our presenters and participants will be distributed into three large geographic zones, covering many time zones:

Zone 1 The Americas

Zone 2 Europe, Africa, Middle East, including Arabic Peninsula and Iran

Zone 3 Asia, Oceania

We organize events in two blocks of four hours, Block A accessible to Zones 1 and 2, and Block B accessible to Zone 2 and 3.

Stay tuned, a draft schedule will be published soon! 

09 April 2021

The Lost Translators of 1808 and the Birth of Civil Law in Louisiana

 In celebration of Vernon Valentine Palmer’s fifty years of teaching at Tulane and the publication of his latest book, Tulane Law School and the Eason Weinmann Center for Comparative and International Law invite you to a live virtual conversation between comparative-law experts, Dean David Meyer, and the author. Click here to register.

Tuesday April 27, 5:30--6:30 p.m. CT

01 April 2021

Webinar on the French Influence on Louisiana Law

On March 24, 2021, LSU Professors Alain Levasseur and Olivier Moréteau, Tulane Professor Vernon Palmer, and Dan Stigall (U.S. Department of Justice and LSU alum) discussed the French linguistic and juridical influence on the legal system of Louisiana at a Zoom roundtable organized by the French Embassy to the United States and the French Consulate General in New Orleans. Click here to view the webinar (in French).

Journal of Civil Law Studies, Volume 13


Volume 13, Number 2, was published online on March 25, 2021.

Articles: Luigi Montefusco discusses new law in France (2016) and Belgium (2019 draft) making provision allowing for revision of contracts in case of hardship (imprévision) making performance excessively onerous for one of the parties. Maria Victoria Mayor del Hoyo suggests ways to improve the situation of the biological mother in expressing her assent to the adoption of her child, under Spanish and European laws.

Civil Law Translations: Book IV of the Louisiana Civil Code appears for the first time in a trilingual version, with the text in English, French and Spanish. The publication of Book I in English and Spanish is continued with Titles IV-X, concluding the publication of Book I in our volume 13. The Spanish translation of Book II will appear in Volume 14.

Civil Law in the World features a report by Julieta Marotta and Agustín Parise on changes in family and property law in Argentina, brought by the new Civil and Commercial Code of 2015 and subsequent legislative and doctrinal developments.

Rediscovered Treasures of Louisiana Law publishes a memorandum by Robert A. Pascal discussing the organization of the Louisiana Civil Code and commenting on additional material, with an introduction by Olivier Moréteau. Two case notes are published in the Civil Law in Louisiana feature, and two book reviews complete the volume.

Click here to access the Journal of Civil Law Studies.

The Journal of Civil Law Studies welcomes submissions for volume 14: email moreteau@lsu.edu.

25 March 2021


The Law of Investment Treaties

Third Edition

Jeswald W. Salacuse

Oxford International Law Library

  • Provides a complete and systematic overview of the field of investment treaty law, from one of its leading scholars and practitioners
  • Examines issues which are common across virtually all investment treaties, including the scope of application, conditions for the entry of foreign investment, and general standards of treatment of foreign investments
  • Includes analysis of all major developments in investment treaty law since the previous edition, such as the conclusion of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP), and the replacement of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

New to this Edition:

  • Incorporates new sections on treaty entry into force, provisional application of investment treaties, investment facilitation, and monetary transfers
  • Assesses the impact of important developments in the field since the previous edition, including the termination of over 100 intra-EU BITs in 2020
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 18 April 2021- ISBN: 9780198850953 - EXTENT: 640 PAGES

The Oxford Handbook of the International Law of Global Security


The Oxford Handbook of the International Law of Global Security

Edited by Robin Geiß and Nils Melzer

Oxford Handbooks

  • A comprehensive and systematic overview of the relationship between international law and global security challenges
  • Addresses recent debates about the relationship between public international law and global security, evaluating the effectiveness of the law in contributing to sustainable global security governance
  • Major areas of coverage include armed conflict, human rights, the environment, and technology
  • Assesses the role of international organizations and other institutional actors in the global security architecture
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 16 April 2021 - ISBN: 9780198827276 - EXTENT: 2200 PAGES 

The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law


The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law

Amal Clooney and Philippa Webb
  • Provides a comprehensive and systematic overview of international jurisprudence relating to the right to a fair trial
  • Distils international standards on the basis of a diverse range of sources, including international and regional treaties, case law of international courts and tribunals, and decisions of international human rights bodies
  • Considers the practical scenarios that arise in trials that implicate this fundamental right
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 11 April 2021 - ISBN: 9780198808398 - EXTENT: 1056 PAGES 

The Justification of War and International Order: From Past to Present


The Justification of War and International Order: From Past to Present 

Edited by Lothar Brock and Hendrik Simon

The History and Theory of International Law

  • Offers a broad historical and geographical perspective to explore the justification of war on a global scale
  • Brings together leading scholars from international political and legal history, international law, international relations/peace and conflict studies, philosophy, and international political theory
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 11 April 2021 - ISBN: 9780198865308 - EXTENT: 560 PAGES 

Investment Treaties and the Legal Imagination: How Foreign Investors Play By Their Own Rules


Investment Treaties and the Legal Imagination

How Foreign Investors Play By Their Own Rules

Nicolás M. Perrone

  • An innovative contribution to the debate on international investment law, one of the most controversial areas of the global economic order
  • Explores the contribution that business leaders, bankers, and international lawyers made to international investment law in the 1950s and 1960s, showing the continuity between their legal imagination and present investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) practice
  • Analyzes foreign investor rights using a transnational and socio-legal approach to property rights and contracts
  • Provides a new perspective on influential ISDS awards, including recent cases involving local communities
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 11 April 2021 - ISBN: 9780198862147 - EXTENT: 272 PAGES 

19 March 2021

Blackstone's Guide to the Equality Act 2010 (4th Edition)


Blackstone's Guide to the Equality Act 2010
Fourth Edition

Edited by Anthony Robinson, David Ruebain, and Susie Uppal

Blackstone's Guides

  • A fully revised and updated guide to the most significant reform of discrimination legislation in the UK, including a look at post-Brexit implications
  • Expert authors with extensive experience in the field explain the legislation step-by-step
  • Includes a full text of the Act, as amended

PUBLICATION DATE: 23 March 2021 - ISBN: 9780198870876 - EXTENT: 608 PAGES 

Family Law in America (3rd Edition)


Family Law in America

Third Edition

Sanford N. Katz

  • Discusses the evolution of same-sex marriage rights and the way these rights affect family law
  • Considers definitions of formal and informal marriage, analyzing the extent to which relationships established before marriage are regulated
  • Describes legislative and judicial responses to evolving family forms
  • Examines fault and no-fault divorce procedures, alimony, assignment of property upon divorce

New to this Edition:

  • Includes a full discussion of same-sex marriage as well as an analysis of the U S Supreme Court case, Obergefell v. Hodges, which held that a ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional

PUBLICATION DATE: 26 February 2021 - ISBN: 9780197554319 - EXTENT: 336 PAGES