19 March 2021

Blackstone's Guide to the Equality Act 2010 (4th Edition)


Blackstone's Guide to the Equality Act 2010
Fourth Edition

Edited by Anthony Robinson, David Ruebain, and Susie Uppal

Blackstone's Guides

  • A fully revised and updated guide to the most significant reform of discrimination legislation in the UK, including a look at post-Brexit implications
  • Expert authors with extensive experience in the field explain the legislation step-by-step
  • Includes a full text of the Act, as amended

PUBLICATION DATE: 23 March 2021 - ISBN: 9780198870876 - EXTENT: 608 PAGES 

Family Law in America (3rd Edition)


Family Law in America

Third Edition

Sanford N. Katz

  • Discusses the evolution of same-sex marriage rights and the way these rights affect family law
  • Considers definitions of formal and informal marriage, analyzing the extent to which relationships established before marriage are regulated
  • Describes legislative and judicial responses to evolving family forms
  • Examines fault and no-fault divorce procedures, alimony, assignment of property upon divorce

New to this Edition:

  • Includes a full discussion of same-sex marriage as well as an analysis of the U S Supreme Court case, Obergefell v. Hodges, which held that a ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional

PUBLICATION DATE: 26 February 2021 - ISBN: 9780197554319 - EXTENT: 336 PAGES 

Federal Ground - Governing Property and Violence in the First U.S. Territories


Federal Ground

Governing Property and Violence in the First U.S. Territories

Gregory Ablavsky

Oxford Legal History

  • Examines the growth of federal authority in the U.S. Northwest and Southwest Territories
  • Analyzes a diverse range of sources drawn from more than twenty-five local, regional, and national archives
  • Integrates Native history and Native voices into history of the federal state
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 26 February 2021 - ISBN:  9780190905699 - EXTENT: 360 PAGES 

Russian Law (3rd Edition)


Russian Law 

3rd Edition

William Butler

Possession, Relative Title, and Ownership in English Law


Possession, Relative Title, and Ownership in English Law

Luke Rostill

  • Provides a sustained analysis of two foundational principles of English property law: the principle of relative title and the principle that possession is a source of title
  • Examines several central concepts in the law of property, including possession and ownership
  • Advances new arguments in support of the claim that possession of land gives rise to a fee simple and traces the development of the law
  • Shows that the architecture of land law and the law of personal property are far more similar than many believe

PUBLICATION DATE: 10 March 2021 - ISBN: 9780198843108 - EXTENT: 208 PAGES 

16 March 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Cover for 

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property


Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Reto Hilty, Jyh-An Lee, and Kung-Chung Liu

Oxford University Press

  • Provides IP scholars and practitioners with a comprehensive picture of the relationship between IP and AI
  • Offers broad coverage of legal developments in many jurisdictions, such as Australia, China, Japan, and the EU, UK, and US
  • Gives readers legal analysis based on solid technological, business, and economic foundations

    PUBLICATION DATE: 19 MARCH 2021 - ISBN: 9780198870944 - EXTENT: 464 PAGES

Administrative Justice Fin de siècle

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Administrative Justice Fin de siècle


Early Judicial Standards of Administrative Conduct in Europe (1890-1910)

Edited by Giacinto della Cananea and Stefano Mannoni

      • Provides historical context for European administrative law systems between 1890 and 1910
      • Offers case studies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Belgium, France, the German Empire, Italy, and the United Kingdom
  • Compares the six systems to demonstrate their growth and legacy in today's world
PUBLICATION DATE: 04 MARCH 2021 - ISBN:  9780198867562 - EXTENT: 352 PAGES

The Constitutional Theory of the Federation and the European Union


The Constitutional Theory of the Federation and the European Union

Signe Rehling Larsen

  • Draws on rich historical material from the German Confederation and the antebellum United States to provide a comparison of similarities and differences with the European Union
  • Studies contemporary constitutional questions in light of constitutional theory and history to aid readers in understanding links between constitutional law and politics
  • Details the constitutional theory of federalism, accounting for why states federate to begin with and how they have collapsed, highlighting potential perils for the European Union.

PUBLICATION DATE:  04 MARCH 2021 - ISBN: 9780198859260 - EXTENT: 240 PAGES

Multinational Enterprises and the Law (3rd edition)


Multinational Enterprises and the Law

(3rd edition)
Peter Muchlinski

Oxford International Law Library

  • Provides a comprehensive account of the techniques used to regulate multinational enterprises at the national, regional, and multilateral levels
An established and authoritative text from one of the leading experts in the field, which is clear and accessible to students
  • Analyses multinational enterprises from an interdisciplinary perspective, incorporating legal, political, and economic viewpoints

    New to this Edition:

    • Fully revised in light of the challenges posed by revived nationalist economic policies across the world
    • Discusses key developments in EU law and practice, notably the acquisition of exclusive competence over foreign investment policy and new rules for harmonised scrutiny of foreign takeovers
    • Fundamentally revised treatment of international investment law, updated to take into account the growth in this field of study and debates over the content and legitimacy of international investment agreements

    PUBLICATION DATE: 18 MARCH 2021 - ISBN: 9780198824145 - EXTENT: 912 PAGES