04 May 2012

NOTICE: Heringa and Kiiver on Comparative Constitutional Law

I've found the previous edition very useful in teaching Comparative Public Law for the last few years. For those who prefer  a mongraph over an Anglo-American style casebook, it's ideal.
The description reads: 
This handbook provides a user-friendly introduction to comparative constitutional law. For each area of constitutional law, a general introduction and a comparative overview is provided, which is then followed by more detailed country chapters on that specific area. The subjects covered are the origins and main features of constitutions; federalism and related concepts; parliaments and law-making; governments, their parliaments and their heads of state; and judicial review, including the role of European law and human rights. The country chapters cover the constitutional systems of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Now into its third edition, this book is a helpful guide for students who are for the first time exploring comparative constitutional law, and a solid foundation for more advanced graduate-level courses. The book includes a table giving an overview of the systems discussed, a glossary and an index, model exam questions, fresh translations of the relevant constitutional texts and a selection of important international treaty provisions.

The Table of Contents is also available here.

02 May 2012

NOTICE: Licari on Gény in Louisiana

One of our members, François-Xavier Licari (Metz) has posted a paper (in French) on SSRN. The paper is entitled 'François Gény En Louisiane (François Gény in Louisiana)':

In his book "François Gény and Modern Jurisprudence", Jaro Mayda wrote (p.69) : "The important point…is that, despite the art represented by the current literature, the pragmatic temper of America and of its mixed jurisdictions, such as Louisiana, may well be the environment that will send Gény’s themes toward their integration into a rational, modern jurisprudence". This paper tells the story of the realization of this scholarly prophesy.


L'oeuvre de François Gény a fait l'objet d'une véritable réception tant par la doctrine que par la jurisprudence louisianaises. Cette contribution narre cette sucess story doctrinale.

NOTICE: A collaborative Doctoral Programme in Contemporary Legal and Political Theory

I've just discovered (belatedly perhaps) the following interesting programme: 

  Participating Institutions:  
University of Antwerp, Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values
University of Glasgow, School of Law,
Christian-Albrechts University (Kiel), Chair of Public Law and Legal Theory
Tilburg University, Chair of Legal Philosophy 

The 'Globalisation and Legal Theory’ doctoral programme builds on a collaboration between the Universities of Antwerp (Belgium), Glasgow (United Kingdom), Kiel (Germany) and Tilburg (The Netherlands) that combines the expertise of all four institutions in bringing critical legal thought (in a broad sense) to bear on contemporary global challenges. The doctoral programme draws on different strands of legal theory around the foundational notions of normativity, (human) rights, and justice in a globalised world. We welcome PhD proposals that address these foundational notions as well as their relation to concrete and practical issues and problématiques. 

What we offer 

The Collaborative Doctoral Programme combines the advantages of close, personalised supervision in research institutions with an excellent reputation in legal theory with the exciting opportunity to become part of a dynamic research community that spans across four universities in four different EU Member States. With mobility and cooperation being key features of the programme, there will be ample opportunity for doctoral students to become involved in research activities of all participating universities. A collective annual doctoral colloquium, regular workshops, and seminar series involving internationally renowned academics and practitioners are integral parts of this doctoral programme that encourages the engagement of its researchers in a vibrant international research culture.

01 May 2012

New Edition of Int'l Journal of Law in Context Now Online

International Journal of Law in Context International Journal of Law in Context Volume 8 / Special Issue 02 
Family – An International Affair, June 2012, pp 187 - 335 
Published Online on 30th April 2012

The International Journal of Law in Context has published its recent edition online.  Titled "Family: An International Affair," the edition features articles on Islamic family law in Europe, gender equality in religion, personal family law systems, Arab Israeli women's renunciation of inheritance shares, same-sex relationships, and immigration and the family.  The edition also features a number of book reviews, including At Home in the Law by Jeannie Suk, The Household by Robert C. Ellickson, European Human Rights and Family Law by Shazia Choudhry and Jonathan Herring, and Marriage Proposals edited by Anita Bernstein. 

The Introduction to the edition describes it thus:

This collection of articles arises from a conference held in Tel Aviv in 2009 at the Concord Research Centre for the Integration of International Law in Israel, School of Law, College of Management Academic Studies. Delegates to the conference came from a variety of professions and areas of expertise and included academics and legal and welfare practitioners. What was common among us, however, was our interest in the international dimensions of both understandings of the family and of the normative systems that define and regulate it. We all believed that understandings of family are situated in and across cultural and economic manifestations of reproduction, dependency and care relations in a global context and that they are regulated in international and regional as much as in domestic law.
The journal may be accessed online at http://journals.cambridge.org/IJC 

NOTICE: Edinburgh Legal Theory Workshops

For the 5th year running, the Edinburgh Legal Theory Group is organizing a 3-day workshops series, which will take place from Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st of May 2012, at the University of Edinburgh School of Law.

The event will consist of 5 workshops, in the areas of Private Law, Medical Ethics, Legal Reasoning and Constitutional Law:

- Private law: Theories and methods (29th May)
- Challenging individualism: Why the individual might no longer be the appropriate focus for ethics in the regulation of medicine and research (29th May)
- Objectivity between scientific and legal decision-making (30th May)
- Practical reason, objectivity and legal judgment (30th May)
- Is parliament still sovereign? (31st May)