21 June 2011

NOTICE: New Issue of the Comparative Law Review

I'm pleased to announce the latest issue of the (2011) 2:1 Comparative Law Review. The contents include, among other things, a number of articles on the 'construction of legal traditions':

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  • Seán Patrick Donlan - Remembering: Legal Hybridity and Legal History
  • Laura Vagni - The Enforceability of Promises in Scotland and in The European Contract Law: A Comparative Analysis from an Italian Perspective
  • Giovanni Marini - Foreword – Legal traditions. A critical appraisal
  • Tomasz Giaro - Legal tradition of Eastern Europe. Its rise and demise
  • Günter Frankenberg - Constructing Legal Traditions. Introductory Remarks on the Public/Private – Distinction as Tradition
  • Lama Abu-Odeh - Crimes of Honor and the Construction of Gender in Arab Societies
  • Jorge L Esquirol - The Latin American Tradition of Legal Failure   

20 June 2011

NOTICE: JURIS DIVERSITAS and The Third International Congress of the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists (20-23 June 2011)

The Third International Congress of the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists (WSMJJ) begins today at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (it lasts from 20-23 June 2011).

While this is not a Juris Diversitas event, the Congress marks the four-year anniversary of our Association, begun informally at the last WSMJJ Congress held in Edinburgh in 2007. Many of this year's speakers are our members or are on our Board. A meeting of Juris Diversitas members attending will also be held today at 3pm at the Law Faculty of Hebrew University.

Best wishes to all those who could not attend. Perhaps we'll see you at The Concept of 'law' in Context: Comparative Law, Legal Philosophy, and the Social Sciences Conference (21-22 October 2011 - Lausanne, Switzerland), our next event (co-organised with the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law).