12 July 2013

BOOK: Brown on the Jersey Law of Trusts


This long-awaited update to the leading publication on the law of trusts in Jersey offers the most comprehensive analysis available. It provides a consideration of the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 as it currently stands, and the case law which has been developed in the Jersey courts, particularly over the last twenty years. It is essential reading for trustees and those advising on, and litigating in relation to, Jersey trusts.

The new 4th edition has been completely updated to incorporate all the key developments in this area since the last edition. Features of the 4th edition include:

11 July 2013

SPD: On the Road Again

SPD: European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH, http://esclh.blogspot.co.uk) Executive Meeting here at the #BLHC. The best of both worlds.

SPD: ESCLH members get a subscription to the Comparative Legal History journal (http://www.hartjournals.co.uk/clh/index.html)! Sign up now!

SPD: On the Road Again

SPD: first, sticky day of #BLHC a success. Paper delivered & well-received. Dinner, with Swedish jurists & haggis, also well received.

SPD: Remembering my 'Law & Lawyers in Edmund Burkes Scottish Enlightenment'. Burke was Rector of Glasgow U.  http://limerick.academia.edu/SeanPatrickDonlan (bottom).

SPD: Important to note how diverse the #BLHC is this year, both in looking beyond England & Britain, as well as more external legal history.

SPD: Inevitably with a theme of 'Law & Authority', many #BLHC papers are on the jurisdictional hybridity & complexities of pre-modern law.

10 July 2013

SPD: On the Road Again

Finishing my paper on legal hybridity in the American Territory of Orleans and Spanish West Florida (1803-1810) for the British Legal History Conference tomorrow.

If you can't make, but you care, see the long draft version, 'Entangled Up in Red, White, and Blue'.

08 July 2013

CONGRESS: The XIXth International Congress of Comparative Law

International Academy of Comparative Law announced 19th International Congress of Comparative Law. The 19th International Congress of Comparative Law will take place in Vienna from 20 to 27 July 2014 on the Austrian National Committee’s invitation.
Registration is open.

Official page: http://www.iacl2014congress.com/home/


JOURNAL: New - German Law Journal

The Editors of the German Law Journal have written:

We are pleased to announce that the new issue of the German Law Journal, Review of Developments in German, European & International Jurisprudence is now available at http://www.germanlawjournal.com/. We are grateful to our authors for having contributed to this exceptionally fine and diverse issue and to our student editors at Osgoode and Washington & Lee for their diligent work in getting the July number up, despite their busy summers with internships, summer associate jobs and travel.

We are taking this opportunity as well to thank you, our readers, for their continued interest in the Journal and wish everyone a healthy and hopefully somewhat relaxing couple of weeks, before another busy fall begins.

BOOKS: Elgar on Islamic Law, the South China Sea, and the Political Economy of Competition Law in Asia

Elgar Publishing has announced the following publications:


This memorandum is to notify you that the ABA-UNDP International Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has received a request from UNDP/Fiji for multiple experts to assist in providing a legal opinion on the  Fiji’s draft Mineral Act.  We hope to put together a diverse team of lawyers.  Lawyers with a background in Health and Safety issues, Land Tenure, Royalties, and Indigenous Populations are encouraged to apply.  The deadline for expressions of interest is Monday, July 15th, 2013.   Expressions of interest must include CVs and a short cover letter expressing related and relevant experience.  

Experts must be available for at least 3-6 weeks to work on this project.  This is a pro bono home based opportunity.  Experts will receive the documents to be reviewed via email and return comments and recommendations within the specified timeframe.  The ILRC will compile all the comments and recommendations into one comprehensive report for UNDP/Fiji and their stakeholders to review.   We expect to begin this project during the month of July.

[Please contact Jacqueline.Gichinga@americanbar.org for additional information and documentation. SPD]

CONFERENCE: Religion, Democracy, and Equality Programme

August 21-23, 2013
ICLARS Program Draft
Wednesday August 21, 2013
Hilton Garden Inn
Richmond, Virginia

Young Scholar Sessions

2-2:50 p.m.
Chair: José Antonio Calvi, Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae, Peru

Juan Manuel Gutierrez Bartol, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay, “Indagaciones Facticas y Juridicas Sobre las Contriciones Economicas al Culto”
Juan Martin Vives, Universidad Adventista del Plata, Argentina, “New Wine into Old Wineskins:  About Argentina's Civil Code Reformation and the Legal Personality of Minority Religions”
Rodrigo Vitorino Souza Alves, Universidad Federal de Uberlandia, “Religion and Anti-Discrimination Norms in Brazil”

3-3:50 p.m.
Chair: Ofrit Liviatan, Harvard University, USA (invited)

James Nelson, Columbia Law School, USA, “Conscience, Incorporated”
Free Williams, University of Virginia, USA, “The Definition of Religion in American Courts:  Religious Minorities and Conformist Pressures”
Megan Pearson, London School of Economics, UK, “Of Gods and Gays:  Proportionality and Sexual Orientation Discrimination”