23 November 2012

NOTICE: RED&S World News

The latest, always useful 'Nouvelles du monde' from the Réseau Européen Droit & Société/European Network on Law and Society includes the following:



  1. Centre de philosophie juridique et politique –Séminaire L'analyse juridique de (X)
  2. Droit public comparé – Droit international et droit européen (UMR 7318)- Séminaire mensuel
  3. Centre de théorie et analyse du droit  - Séminaires
  4. Birkbeck College School of Law, University of London - Séminaires
  5. Seminar  “Justice and Security Bill: Covering up State Crimes”
  6. Institute of Advanced Legal Studies


  1. « Normalisation comptable et transformation du droit »
  2. « Santé, environnement et normes techniques - Développements récents en droit de l'OMC »
  3. « 1982-2012 : les 30 ans de la loi Quillot »
  4. Sharia/Islamic Law Jurisprudence Workshop

NOTICE: New Comparative Law Review

The latest volume of the Comparative Law Review is now available online. 

It includes:
Francesco Mezzanotte - The Interrelation Between Intellectual Property Licenses and The Doctrine of "Numerus Clausus". A Comparative Legal and Economic Analysis

Geraldine Gadbin-George - Towards a Mutation of the Language of Criminal Law in French and British Courts? The Influence of the Part Played by Juries on Judges’ Discourse

Serena Baldin - The Protection of the Romani Language and the Itinerant Lifestyle of Roma Minorities: A Fuzzy Approach to the Comparative Analysis

Oreste Pollicino - A Further Argument in Favour of the Construction of a General Theory of the Domestic Impact of Jurisprudential Supranational Law. The Genesis and the First Steps of Echr and Eu Legal Orders 

Gianluca Scarchillo - Privatizations, Control Devices and Golden Share. The Harmonizing Intervention of The European Court of Justice 

Amalia Diurni - The evolution of Physician-Patient Relationship: from Information to Counselling

22 November 2012


Call for Applications
The Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy at the State University of New York at Buffalo plans to award several fellowships for 2013-14 to scholars pursuing important topics in law, legal institutions, and  social policy. Applications are invited from junior and senior scholars from law, the humanities, and the social sciences. 

Fellows are expected to participate regularly in Baldy Center events, but otherwise have no obligations beyond vigorously pursuing their research. Fellows receive standard university research privileges (access to UB libraries, high-speed Internet, office space, computer equipment, phone, website space, working paper series, etc.) and are encouraged to develop collaborative research projects with SUNY Buffalo faculty members where appropriate. Those who wish to teach a course to aid their research or gain teaching experience will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

21 November 2012

NOTICE: Ratio Juris and Eekelaar on Positivism and Plural Legal Systems

(2012) 25:4 Ratio Juris is available on Wiley Online Library.

Of particular interest to members might be John Eekelaar's Positivism and Plural Legal Systems (pages 513–526): 

This paper considers whether the positivist account of law is useful in guiding states in how they should deal with religious or customary legal orders followed by minority groups within their jurisdiction. It argues, first, that such orders can be said to exist despite the prevalence of disagreement about the grounds of law. It then argues, contrary to views advanced by Scott Shapiro and Joseph Raz, that there are good reasons for perceiving that the resolution of legal disputes by reference to moral principle involves the application of pre-existing law. However, the paper concludes by arguing that the Social Thesis has an important role in supplying the basis upon which the application of law can be deemed to be legitimate, and that this has relevance to the way states might respond to minority legal orders.

NOTICE: 2013 Max-Planck Summer Academy for Legal History

Max-Planck Summer Academy for Legal History

29 July – 16 August 2013 


The Max-Planck Summer Academy for Legal History, offered by the Max Planck Institute for European LegalHistory (MPIeR), provides an in-depth introduction to methods and principles of research in legal history. Although its main focus is on European legal history, there is special emphasis on global perspectives on legal history. It addresses a selected group on highly motivated early-stage researchers, usually PhD candidates, working on a research project with an interest in the basic research of historical formation and transformations of law and other normative orders. 


The academy consists of two modules and lasts three weeks; the first two weeks provide an introduction to the study of sources, methodological principles, as well as theoretical models and controversial research debates on basic research fields of legal history (module 1). During the third week the participants discuss a special research theme and develop their own approach to the theme (module 2). 


The overall aim of the Max Planck Summer Academy for Legal History is to provide early-stage researchers with an expertise on the methods and principles of legal history and to equip them with the ability to apply this knowledge to their research projects and other research in legal history or related disciplines.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Workshop on International and Comparative Law

Call For Papers
Third Annual Workshop on International and Comparative Law

March 1-2, 2013, Washington University in St. Louis

The Center on Law, Innovation and Economic Growth (CLIEG) of Washington University in St. Louis will organize the Third Annual Workshop on International and Comparative Law on March, 1-2, 2013. JSD/SJD candidates, PhD students, research fellows, postdocs and visiting assistant professors are invited to present original research papers on international or comparative law, broadly defined. Participation (including meals) is free, but participants should finance their own travel and hotel costs.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: To apply, send a paper or abstract to Gerrit De Geest (degeest@wustl.edu) no later than December 31, 2012. Please indicate academic affiliation and attach a short CV. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, and early submissions have a higher acceptance chance. For questions, please contact Michael Peil at mpeil@wulaw.wustl.edu, phone: (314) 935-3346.

19 November 2012

NOTICE Logged and Ordered

Fans of the American police procedural and legal drama Law & Order (any or all of the twenty seasons) might be interested in The Law & Order Database.

The database records the overall results of the 456 episodes.