04 July 2014

JURIS DIVERSITAS: Programme - Annual Conference (17-19 July 2014)

We're pleased to note that the Draft Programme (and additional information) for the JURIS DIVERSITAS ANNUAL CONFERENCE is available here.

The conference takes place from 17 July (evening) to 19 July 2014; its theme is ‘Comparative Law and …/Le droit comparé et …’

We hope to see you there …

LECTURE: Nassare-Aznar on The 2007 Credit Crunch and its impact on Housing

''The 2007 Credit Crunch and its impact on Housing:
A Civilian Perspective''
Prof. Sergio Nassare-Aznar (University of Tarragona)
Date: Friday 11th July, 10:30am-12:00pm
Venue: University of Malta Valletta Campus


The public seminar on Tenancy and Mortgages being held on the 11th July by the Maltese Society For Comparative Law in collaboration with the Civil Law Department will be dealing with the legal aspects surrounding the origination of the 2007 international crisis in the United States, the international credit crunch and subsequent global economic and legal developments. Its negative impact in Europe in relation to access to housing will be considered, including the evolution of European mortgage and lease markets. Although the catalyst of the global crisis was the deficient legal framework of the US mortgage securitization process, the consequences have gone beyond, causing massive repossessions and evictions in many countries. Some innovative developments are examined, such as increased protection for mortgage consumers, the new Directive 17/2014/EU, an increased role of the "right to housing" and new types of housing tenures.