23 May 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: Development & Change 'Transition and Justice: Negotiating the Terms of New Beginnings in Africa'

Juris Diversitas is pleased to inform you about the new special issue of Development & Change which is now online: 'Transition and Justice: Negotiating the Terms of New Beginnings in Africa'.

It is edited by Gerhard Anders (Edinburgh) and Olaf Zenker (Bern), and examines a series of cases where peaceful ‘new beginnings’ have been declared after periods of violence and where transitional justice institutions played a role in defining justice and the new socio-political order. It focuses on three issues that are key to understand ‘new beginnings’: the problem of finding a foundation for that which explicitly breaks with the past; the discrepancies between lofty promises and the messy realities of transitional justice in action; and the dialectic between logics of the exception and the ordinary, employed to legitimize or resist transitional justice mechanisms. 

22 May 2014

JURIS DIVERSITAS BOOK SERIES: Update on Titles (May 2014)

Update on Titles (May 2014)

Juris Diversitas is proud to have a book series with Ashgate (we're also a Publishing Partner): 

Our first volume, due in the autumn, will be Seán Patrick Donlan and Lukas Heckerdon-Ursheler (eds), Concepts of Law: Comparative, Jurisprudential, and Social Science Perspectives 

Two other volumes on mixed systems are also due in the autumn :
The series is much wider in focus, however, and, aong additional titles, the following are due within the next year:
  • Shauna van Praagh and Helge Deldek (eds), Stateless Law: evolving Boundaries of a Discipline
  • Daniela Berti, Anthony Good, and Gilles Tarabout (eds), Of Doubt and Proof: Ritual and Legal Practices of Judgment
Of course, we're looking for texts, too. While we anticipate publishing future collections (original, conference-based, Festschriften, etc), we're especially interested in publishing monographs and student texts (eg, comparative law, jurisprudence, etc). 

Let me know if you've any ideas: sean.donlan@ul.ie.

Finally, note that selected volumes are also provided free with membership. Sign up now and pass the word!

21 May 2014

MEMORIAL GATHERING: For Simon Roberts and Franz von Benda-Beckmann at the LSA Meeting (30 May 2014)

The Commission on Legal Pluralism just circulated a message about a 'memorial gathering' for Simon Roberts and Franz von Benda-Beckmann to 'take place during the Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association (LSA) in Minneapolis this year, on Friday, May 30, 6:30-7:30pm, in Hilton Board Room 3.' 
The formal announcement reads:
In Memoriam 
Simon Roberts 
Franz von Benda-Beckmann 
We deeply mourn the loss of two leading legal anthropologists: Simon Roberts, who died on April 30, and Franz von Benda-Beckmann, who died in January 2013. Some LSA members were their friends; many more knew them through their writings. We invite you to join us in sharing memories of Simon and Franz on Friday, May 30, 6:30-7:30pm, in Hilton Board Room 3. 

(For more information contact Rick Abel: abel@law.ucla.edu ....) 

20 May 2014

JOURNAL: Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal

The latest Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal is available here

Its editorial, by our Professor Christa Rautenbach, reads:

NWU | North-West University

The first 11 articles in the first issue of 2014 deal with global legal topics ranging from outer space to domestic South African matters and legal challenges in other African countries, such as Uganda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.Anél Ferreira-Snyman discusses legal challenges relating to the commercial use of outer space, with specific reference to space tourism. She points out that the current legal framework is outdated and no longer deals adequately with the rapidly developing space tourism industry. Further away from the moon, although it deals with creations of the mind and is just as mysterious for the average person, is the contribution of André van der Walt and Richard Shay, which analyses the South African Constitutional Court's treatment of intellectual property. They focus on the methodology that the Court has formulated to assess if state interference complies with constitutional provisions to determine if state intervention into property interests has been legitimate. The third contribution, by Joel Baloyi, also deals with a creation of the mind, namely copyright. He attempts through a comparative analysis to demystify the role of copyright as a tool for economic development in Africa and criticises the stifling effect the transferability principle has on the effectiveness of copyright in certain African countries.


Registration is now open for:

17-19 July 2014
Faculty of Law and Political Science –
Aix-Marseille University - Aix-en-Provence, France
With keynote addresses by Jan Smits (opening), Duncan Fairgrieve and François Lichère, over sixty presentations, and two panels, this is a great opportunity to reflect and interact with scholars from around the world, working at the edge of comparative law and other disciplines.

Registration information is here; membership information is here

Note that registration fees don’t cover travel, accommodation, or the conference dinner (€50).

If want to see who's coming or let others know that you're attending, a Facebook Event Page has also been created here. 

And you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too.

19 May 2014

PROGRAMMES: LLM in Legal Theory

Applications are now open for the LLM in Legal Theory at the Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main and other universities of the European Academy of Legal Theory.

The programme offers a one-year (60 ECTS) advanced Master's Course in Legal Theory (LL.M.; language of instruction: English). Participants will study at one or more Academy partner universities (mobility phases and multiple degree tracks).The programme re-establishes the former internationally renowned programme in Brussels by the European Academy of Legal Theory, sponsored by the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme, in Frankfurt/Main on a broad institutional basis. The programme lays focus on the globalisation and the connected structural transformation of normativity in law. By this process, national law is getting supra- and international, last not least by the growing influence of transnational law making by non-state actors.

The programme aims at safeguarding European traditions in global perspective; developing legal scholarship and jurisprudence as a science; developing jurisprudence also as applied legal theory so as to enable the participants in the programme to solve system conflicts that appear nowadays in a regular manner. This is especially reflected by pluralistic theories of law including a systemtheoretical approach to law.

The new Westend Campus of the Goethe University is not only impressive in various respects and belongs internationally to the very best. By recent academic developments in the national level, it is now considered to be – in the national as well as in the European level - the center of reflection on normativity based not only on a large law faculty and a philosophy and social science department dealing prominently with practical philosophy but also on the Max-Planck-Institute for European Legal History and the Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders" that integrates the Frankfurt social sciences (anthropology, sociology and philosophy) focusing on normativity.

More information on the LLM may be found here. 

Recommended. SPD

SEMINAR: Spazi Pubblici e Spazi Privati Nell'area del Mediterraneo

Università degli Studi di Catania
Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali, via Vittorio Emanuele II, 49
4 giugno 2014 ore 15,30 Aula B

FIR 2012, Politiche migratorie e legal transplants nel mediterraneo: strategie di controllo
tra colonialismo e post-colonialismo

Prof. ANTONIO CANTARO (Università degli studidi Urbino),
Secolarizzazione e de-secolarizzazione nelle nuove costituzioni arabo-islamiche

Prof. IGNAZIO CASTELLUCCI (Università degli studidi Trento),
Finanza islamica tra tradizione e modernità

Prof. FEDERICO CRESTI (Università degli studidi Catania),
Diritti fondamentali ed amministrazioni coloniali
La S.V. è invitata a intervenire

Il Direttore prof. Giuseppe Barone

LECTURE: Tomlins on Debt, Death, and Redemption

Professor Christopher Tomlins
Toward a Soterial-Legal History of the Turner Rebellion'
22 May 2014 - 3:00 - 5:00pm 
Room 100, Law Building, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS

SPD: A Report on The Method and Culture of Comparative Law Workshop

I'm just back from the Gent Workshop on 'The Method and Culture of Comparative Law', in honour of Mark van Hoecke.

It was a great success: the papers, the weather, the dinners, the weather. Our hosts were gentlemen. Our honoree extraordinarily gracious. And the participants were, well, generally well-behaved and civil. 

It was a privilege to be included.


For information on the book, click here.

JOURNAL: Transnational Legal Theory

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new, special issue of Transnational Legal Theory

Symposium on William Twining’s Montesquieu Lecture, Globalisation and Legal Scholarship

Why Global Law is Transnational: Remarks on the Symposium around William Twining’s Montesquieu Lecture
Peer Zumbansen

Global Situation Sense
Phillip Paiement and Willem Witteveen

JOURNAL: The Theory and Practice of Legislation

ARTICLES: Philosophy of Law

SSRN's Philosophy of Law eJournal, vol. 7 No. 52, has just been published.

Table of contents:

Richard Ekins, University of Oxford - Faculty of Law

William A. Edmundson, Georgia State University College of Law

Neal Devins, William & Mary Law School
Lawrence Baum, Ohio State University (OSU) - Department of Political Science

Anthony J. Sebok, Yeshiva University - Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Douglas Laycock, University of Virginia School of Law

Joseph W. Glannon, Suffolk University Law School

CALL FOR PAPERS: African Courts: Actors, Institutional Developments and Governance

There is a Call for Papers for the workshop “African Courts: Actors, Institutional Developments and Governance” at the LASDEL Niamey, Niger. Funded by the DFG and Point Sud on December 4th − 10th, 2014. Deadline for applications: May, 31st 2014  (see the call)