12 February 2021

General Conference on the Dark Side of the Law: no need to resubmit if your proposal had already been accepted

 Dear Juris Diversitas Members and Friends,

Some of you are asking whether you need to resubmit your proposal for the Dark Side of the Law conference. There is no need to do so, unless you decide to make a substantial change to your initial proposal. We recommend you verify that your proposal has been accepted and if so you will automatically included in the program. We will in due course ask you to reconfirm your participation. 

This will be a great conference with multiple panels and a great diversity of topics. There is still room and if you have not yet submitted and are tempted, it is still time to participate: don't wait too long, if you cannot meet the February 28 deadline, let us know and we will give you extra time. New proposals are to be sent to Prof. Salvatore Mancuso, Vice President for Events: smancuso63@yahoo.it

Best wishes,

Olivier Moreteau, President

10 February 2021

General Conference on the Dark Side of the Law: still time to answer the call for papers!

With the General Conference on The Dark Side of the Law (La face cachee du droit) to be organized online, Juris Diversitas reopens the call for papers.

Panel proposals and interdisciplinary presentations are strongly encouraged, as is the participation of doctoral students and scholars from outside of the discipline of law. While parallel sessions featuring three presentations of twenty-minute each will be the pattern, more creative arrangements are encouraged.

Proposals should be in English or in French. Proposals of circa 250 words (or 1000 words for panel proposals with three or more speakers) should be submitted to Professor Salvatore Mancuso atsmancuso63@yahoo.it by February 28, 2021 (tell us if you need more time), with a short biography paragraph listing major or relevant publications. Make this a single Word document with minimal formatting, so that proposal and biography can be copied easily into the conference program.