20 September 2012

NOTICE: The Comparative Law Triangle Conference

The following notice just appeared on SSRN's Legal Scholarship Network:

Conference Invitation
The Comparative Law Triangle:
The Influence of Common Law, Civil Law
and Islamic Law on Each Other 

7th - 8th October, 2012, Doha, Qatar
The College of Law invites you and colleagues at your institution to a conference on Comparative Law scheduled for the 7th and 8th October, 2012 in Doha, Qatar. 

The conference, themed THE COMPARATIVE LAW TRIANGLE: The Influence of Common Law, Civil Law and Islamic Law on Each Other, is to be held in the new library auditorium (117) at Qatar University. It brings together accomplished scholars in comparative law from countries and universities where the Civil Law, Islamic Law and the Common Law are taught and practiced. 

Dean Daniel Jutras of McGill Law School, Professor Bruce Archibald of Dalhousie Law School, Professor Catherine Valcke of Toronto Law School, all in Canada, join Professor Hassan Al Sayed, Professor Hassan Elbarrawy and Dean Hassan Okour of QU Law College to explore the impact of Islamic Law, Common and Civil Law on each other. This will be done through in-depth panel presentations on Business Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Obligations from comparative perspectives. 

The conference will formulate new ideas and principles for the expanding perimeters of contemporary comparative law discourse.