14 June 2014

JOURNAL: The Law Teacher - Special Issue on Storytelling in Legal Education

The Law TeacherRoutledge Law has written the following:
The Law Teacher has just published a brand new Special Issue on Storytelling in Legal Education.

This Special Issue features articles on legal analysis through the lens of photojournalists' storytelling dilemmas, law, culture and Euro-crime as well as witness familiarisation training in England and Wales.
To get a taste of the Special Issue, we have made the Editorial, written by Robert McPeake & editor Chris Ashford, completely free to access for your enjoyment....
We're pleased to announce that The Law Teacher is our journal of the month. To celebrate, we have created a dedicated page with free articles and an introduction by editor Chris Ashford.

We hope you enjoy reading The Law Teacher.

LECTURE/GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Palmer at la Société de législation comparée

The General Assembly of la Société de législation comparée/the Society of Comparative Legislation will be held on 10 July 2014 at Salle des conseils; 12, place du Panthéon; 75005 Paris.

Professor Vernon Palmer (Thomas Pickles Professor of Law, Tulane University) will address the Society at 17:45 about ‘Le dommage moral : l’éveil français au 19ème siècle’.

PROPOSALS WANTED: Juris Diveritas Book Series (Ashgate)

Juris Diversitas is proud to have a book series with Ashgate (we're also a Publishing Partner):

Rooted in comparative law, the Juris Diversitas Series focuses on the interdisciplinary study of legal and normative mixtures and movements. Our interest is in comparison broadly conceived, extending beyond law narrowly understood to related fields. Titles might be geographical or temporal comparisons. They could focus on theory and methodology, substantive law, or legal cultures. They could investigate official or unofficial ‘legalities’, past and present and around the world. And, to effectively cross spatial, temporal, and normative boundaries, inter- and multi-disciplinary research is particularly welcome. 

Our first volume will be Seán Patrick Donlan and Lukas Heckerdon-Ursheler (eds), Concepts of Law: Comparative, Jurisprudential, and Social Science Perspectives 

While we've a number of other titles lined up, we're looking for additional proposals, especially for monographs and student texts.

Note that selected volumes are also provided free with membership.

For additional information, contact Seán Patrick Donlan at sean.donlan@ul.ie.



We were fortunate to have Rod on our Advisory Council from 2010-2012. I was pleased to know his ideas. I wish I'd know the man better. He was loved by many.

On his life and work, see the thoughts of Daniel Jutras, Dean of the McGill Law School, the McGill Guestbook, and A Just Life, an episode of CBC's Ideas with Pail Kennedy.

10 June 2014

BOOK: Solinas on Legal Evolution and Hybridisation

Legal Evolution and Hybridisation

While I confess that I still have to read the book, it appears to closely parallel my work, and that of others in Juris Diversitas, over the last few years on hybridity, diffusion, colonialism, etc:

This is a book on comparative law and legal change. With a focus on corporate law and the law of personal property, it reviews the current state of the comparative debate on the evolution of law and seeks to establish new perspectives to explain the mechanism of legal reception. It finds the comparative discussions centred on the appropriateness of describing the movement of law from one country to another in terms of ‘legal transplants’ perplexing and lacking in a convincing inquiry into the reception process. In an attempt to fill that gap, this study contends that certain recent contributions on culture contact and culture change provide an interesting explanation for the circulation of juridical models across national boundaries. More precisely, this study argues that the notion of hybridity, as originated in postcolonial theory, offers a formidable conceptual means to examine the intricacies of legal evolution, to refine and to give content to the observation of the reception of law.

But as its table of contents indicates, Legal evolution and hybridisation:

does not rest exclusively on theoretical grounds. The complexities of the themes involved are explored and tested by focusing on a case study. This is the legal mechanism by which shares in companies are transferred in England under the direct and indirect holding systems.

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