28 April 2023

Religious Accomodation and its Limits


Farrah Raza

Drawing on case studies from the US, the UK, Germany and France, this book proposes an innovative harm based model for dealing with religious accommodation.

Migrant Labour and the Reshaping of Employment Law

Migrant Labour 

and the Reshaping 

of Employment Law

Edited by  Bernard Ryan and Rebecca Zahn

This important book examines the implications of labour migration for employment law regimes in highly-developed countries, an increasingly topical and important area of interdisciplinary legal study

The Irish Yearbook of International Law - vol. 15, 2020


The Irish Yearbook of International Law,
Volume 15, 2020

Edited by Bríd Ní Ghráinne, James Gallen and Richard Collins

This new volume includes contributions on international humanitarian law.


The Foundations of Russian Law

The Foundations of
Russian Law

Edited by Marianna Muravyeva

An accessible and scholarly account of the foundations of Russian law and its principal areas by leading experts in the field.