05 January 2017

New from Oxford University Press

Separation of Powers in African Constitutionalism

Edited by Charles M. Fombad

Stellenbosch Handbooks in African Constitutional Law

  • The first book addressing all the constitutional traditions of the African continent
  • Permits the reader to compare constitutional developments across African nations and worldwide
  • Written from a range of African perspectives, offering expert knowledge of African constitutional law
  • Choice of Law

    Dean Symeon C. Symeonides

    Oxford Commentaries on American Law

    • Provides in-depth, sophisticated coverage of the choice-of-law part of Conflicts Law (or Private International Law) as practiced in the U.S., with necessary comparisons with foreign laws
    • Explains the doctrinal and methodological foundations of choice of law and then focuses on its actual practice, examining not only what courts say but also what they do
    • Identifies the emerging decisional patterns and formulates predictions about likely outcomes
    • Written by an award winning author and renowned expert in conflicts law
    • The Purse and the Sword

      The Trials of Israel's Legal Revolution

      Daniel Friedmann

      • Presents a critical analysis of Israel's legal system in the context of its politics, history, and society
      • Examines the extensive powers that Israel's Supreme Court arrogated to itself since the 1980s
      • Traces the historic transformation of Israel's legal system and the shifts in the balance of power between the branches of government
      • Developments are detailed in the context of major issues faced by a modern Israel
      • Analyzes the causes of public distrust of the Court and the rebalancing of power towards the political branches
      • Parliaments and the European Court of Human Rights

        Alice Donald and Philip Leach

        • Provides an authoritative exploration of democratic legitimacy in human rights interpretation, adjudication, and implemetation; combining new empirical data with theoretical insights
        • Offers a detailed investigation of five European states with differing records of compliance with ECtHR decisions
        • Analyses parliamentary actors in terms of their own actions, and their relationship with other domestic and supranational actors
        • Islamic Legal Revival

          Reception of European Law and Transformations in Islamic Legal Thought in Egypt, 1875DS1952

          Leonard Wood

          Oxford Islamic Legal Studies

          • A timely examination of the movement to revive Islamic law
          • Presents for the first time unknown aspects of the legal and intellectual history of the Islamic world and Islamic political movements.
          • Accessible to a wide audience, both specialist and non-specialist alike