15 November 2016

InterGentes: McGill Journal of International Law & Legal Pluralism

The first issue of a new journal on international law and legal pluralism has been published. This journal is peer-reviewed and open-access, available at www.intergentes.com. Although it is based in the McGill University Faculty of Law, the journal is interdisciplinary in its approach.

Following the release of this issue, the Journal will be proceeding with a publication schedule that will include a second thematic issue on (In)tangible Ownership in the International Sphere in 2017 and a renewed focus on op-eds and non-thematic articles to be published on a rolling basis. In keeping with its commitment to developing multimedia content and to complement the first issue’s discussion of resistance in international law, the journal will be releasing a podcast on 'hacktivism’ (a combination of the words ‘hacking’ and ‘activism’) and international law in the coming weeks. While the first issue features only English contributions, InterGentes remain deeply committed to its vision of a trilingual publication and will have Spanish and French pieces forthcoming soon.

Submissions are warmly encouraged. Guidelines are posted on the journal’s website.