15 April 2021

Law in the United States: Cases and Commentaries, 3rd Edition


3rd Edition
Charles F. Abernathy, Markus G. Puder
The third edition of Law in the United States introduces students to the unique American mix of common law, statutory materials, and constitutional law. Strongly emphasizing American legal methods and American legal history and culture, the book provides a rich array of teaching resources covering both public and private law.

The broader themes discussed in the eighteen chapters of this casebook include the nature and sources of American law, the division of government power and the protection of human rights under the U.S. Constitution, litigation in a federal framework, and the American enterprise system, with a focus on torts, contracts, corporations and eminent domain.

This book lends itself to being used for various target audiences. Over the years, it has proven a valuable learning resource for foreign-trained attorneys enrolled in American Master of Laws programs. Moreover, the range of subjects discussed in the book will assist students who may wish to sit for a state bar examination in a state with specific requirements for study of American legal methods. The book is also highly suitable for pre-law programs at the college level as well as law school seminars. Also, comparativists with an interest in American law may find this casebook a valuable resource in light of the rich commentaries it offers through expositions and notes.

PUBLICATION DATE: 05/03/2021 - ISBN: 9781647085520 - EXTENT: 890 PAGES

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