05 November 2013

JOURNAL: Oñati Socio-Legal Series

Lifted straight from a Commission on Legal Pluralism Notice:
Dear Colleagues,
This is to inform you about the new issue of the Journal Oñati Socio-Legal Series which includes a couple of Legal Pluralism related papers.
Vol 3, No 4 (2013), Law, contestation and power in the global political economy Issue, edited by Edward S. Cohen (Westminster College) and A. Claire Cutler (University of Victoria)

• Cohen, E.S and Cutler, A.C., 2013. Law, Contestation and Power in the Global Political Economy: An Introduction. http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2326624
• Picciotto, S., 2013. Mediating Contestations of Private, Public and Property Rights in Corporate Capitalism. http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2340587
• Quack, S., 2013. Regime Complexity and Expertise in Transnational Governance: Strategizing in the Face of Regulatory Uncertainty. http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2340596
• Cohen, E., 2013. Legal Pluralism, Private Power, and the Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Global Political Economy.
http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2269667
• Gessner, V., 2013. Weberian Versus Pluralistic Legal Forces in the Global Political Economy. http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2272595
• Cutler, A.C., 2013. Legal Pluralism as the “Common Sense” of Transnational Capitalism. http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2327501
• Avant, D., 2013. Pragmatism and Effective Fragmented Governance: Comparing Trajectories in Small Arms and Military and Security Services.
http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2340604
• Cornago, N., 2013. Global Ordo-Liberalism, Private Power and the Transfiguration of Diplomatic Law. http ://ssrn . com/abstract=2341013

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