05 November 2013

BOOK: Comparative Law in Eastern and Central Europe

 Cambridge Scholar Publishing has issued a book 'Comparative Law in Eastern and Central Europe'.

This book is a result of the attempted introduction of comparative law into the region of Eastern and Central Europe. The subject has induced interest beyond expectations. This volume opens with a chapter on the unification of law, both from the perspective of institutional unification by such supra-state organizations, spontaneous and institutionalized unifications between two or more legal systems, and the methods of choosing the right rules in the unification process. Chapters two and three follow the classical division of private and public law, as proposed by the brilliant Roman lawyer Ulpian. Overall, the chapters in this book offer an interesting and engaging commentary on the current topics discussed by academics in Eastern and Central Europe.

Editors: Bronisław Sitek, Jakub J. Szczerbowski and Aleksander W. Bauknecht

Aditional information and content are available here.

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