25 October 2013

JOURNAL: Law and Social Inquiry

JOURNAL: Law and Social Inquiry

The latest edition of Law and Social Inquiry, Journal of the American Bar Foundation(2013) is now available on Wiley Online Library. 


Juror Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Legal Authorities and Decision Making in Criminal Cases (pages 773–802)
Amy Farrell, Liana Pennington and Shea Cronin

Compliance: Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Explaining Adherence to Judicial Rulings (pages 803–835)
Diana Kapiszewski and Matthew M. Taylor

Antinomies and the Automobile: A New Approach to Criminal Justice Histories (pages 1020–1040)
Sarah A. Seo

Islamic Law in Action: A Historical Discussion (pages 1041–1057)
Boğaç A. Ergene














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