22 August 2012

NOTICE: New German Law Journal/Symposium

The latest issue of the German Law Journal: 
Review of Developments in German, European and International Jurisprudence, is out. 

It includes the following articles:

  • Marriage, Same-Sex Partnership, and the German Constitution - Anne Sanders
  • Freeze-Out Transactions in Germany and the U.S.: A Comparative Analysis - Christian A. Krebs
  • Negative and Positive Integration in EU Economic Law: Between Strategic Denial and Cognitive Dissonance?  - Pedro Caro de Sousa
In addition, a German Law Journal Symposium will also take place soon:

Smashing the Machine: 
The Troubled Legacy of Kantorowicz's KAMPF
9-10 September 2012

A Symposium Considering Hermann Kantorowicz's Incendiary Manifesto, The Battle for Legal Science (Der Kampf um doe Rechtswissenschaft) and the Universal Struggle to 'Free Law' from Formalism

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