02 December 2010

NOTICE: A Quick Recap of our Catania Roundtables

Juris Diversitas recently co-organised two successful roundtables in Catania:

  • The first focused on the Mediterranean Hybridity Project (MHP), launched in Malta in June 2010 and co-organised with Juris Diversitas. The MHP involves the creation of a collaborative interdisciplinary network to study both state laws and other non-state norms in the region. The aim is to create, at a minimum, jurisdictional reports resulting in a published collection. Discussion at the roundtable centred on the selection of participants and the discussion of the questionnaire to be used. It was also decided that both English and French would be the working languages of the project and that additional participants would be sought. Especially important is the inclusion of individuals with social science backgrounds and scholars from the Levant and North Africa.
  • The second roundtable focused on what is now called the Legal Philosophy in Context Project (LPCP). The LPCP will investigate legal theory in historical, comparative, and social contexts. Similar to the MHP, this will be accomplished through jurisdictional reports prepared on the basis of a questionnaire prepared by the project leaders and will result in a published collection. Now a Juris Diversitas project, additional participants specialising in legal philosophy are being sought.

Individuals or institutions seeking additional information or interested in participating or sponsoring our work should contact Dr Seán Patrick Donlan (sean.donlan@ul.ie).

Please feel free to circulate this message to other individuals, institutions, blogs, etc.

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