27 January 2014

BOOK: Methods Of Comparative Law, edited by Pier Giuseppe Monateri

We are pleased to inform you that "Methods of Comparative Law", edited by Pier Giuseppe Monateri, Professor of Law, University of Turin, Italy has been published.

Comprising an array of distinguished contributors, this pioneering volume of original contributions explores theoretical and empirical issues in comparative law. The innovative, interpretive approach found here combines explorative scholarship and research with thoughtful, qualitative critiques of the field. The book promotes a deeper appreciation of classical theories and offers new ways to re-orient the study of legal transplants and transnational codes. 

Methods of Comparative Law brings to bear new thinking on topics including: the mutual relationship between space and law; the plot that structures legal narratives, identities and judicial interpretations; a strategic approach to legal decision making; and the inner potentialities of the ‘comparative law and economics’ approach to the field. Together, the contributors reassess the scientific understanding of comparative methodologies in the field of law in order to provide both critical insights into the traditional literature and an original overview of the most recent and purposive trends. 

A welcome addition to the lively field of comparative law, Methods of Comparative Law will appeal to students and scholars of law, comparative law and economics. Judges and practitioners will also find much of interest here. 

‘Extensively footnoted throughout, the book takes its place as part of Elgar’s Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series – the first of its kind, apparently, to cover such a broad range of comparative law issues. The orientation is global; the approach scholarly. This is a book which will no doubt interest the worldwide community of law academics and academic lawyers. Offering up some of the latest thinking on this subject, it contains much food for thought.’
– Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, The Barrister Magazine

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