Our Executive Committee
  • Seán Patrick Donlan, President and the University of Limerick (Ireland):
  • Ignazio Castellucci, Vice President (Projects) and the Universities of Macau (Macau) and Trento (Italy):
  • Olivier Moreteau, Vice President (Conferences), Director, Center of Civil Law Studies, and the Paul M Hebert Law Center of Louisiana State University (US):
  • Salvatore Mancuso, General Secretary, Director, Centre for Comparative Law in Africa, and the University of Capetown (South Africa): 
  • Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, Treasurer and Head of Scientific Division, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (Switzerland):
  • Christa Rautenbach, Outreach Officer and North-West University (Potchefstroom, South Africa):

Our Advisory Council
  • Philip Bailhache (Jersey)
  • Sue Farran (Northumbria)
  • Marie Goré (Pantheon-Assas (Paris 2))
  • Werner Menski (SOAS, London)
  • Esin Örücü (Glasgow)
  • Vernon Palmer (Tulane)
  • Rodolfo Sacco (Turin)
  • William Twining (UCL and Miami)
  • Jacques Vanderlinden (Free University of Brussels and Moncton)

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