30 January 2014

WEBSITE: The Small Jurisdictions Service

Some of you know that the Juris Diversitas gang has an interest in, among other things, microjurisdictions. Indeed, a project and event(s) focusing on the subject is in the works now.

Looking over drafts of our project, I was reminded again of the Small Jurisdictions Service of Oxford Brookes University. 

Their website reads:

Legal practice in a small jurisdiction poses its own special challenges. Although the range of legal issues which need to be covered are frequently as broad as for larger jurisdictions, the limited volume of legal materials from within the jurisdiction require a particular approach to successful legal practice. The Small Jurisdictions Service aims to support legal practitioners in the Crown Dependencies, British Overseas Territories, and Small Commonwealth States whether in private practice or public service.

Their site is worth visiting, not least because of materials available on Manx Law, the law of the Caribbean, and Seychellois Law

Have a look.

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