27 January 2014

JOURNAL: Transnational Legal Theory

Transnational Legal Theory logoA new, special issue of Transnational Legal Theory has been published:

Symposium: The Turn to Authority beyond States: Political, Legal and Philosophical Perspectives
Guest Editors: Birgit Peters (University of Münster) and Johan Karlsson Schaffer (University of Oslo)

Foreword: The Promise of Authority
Armin von Bogdandy

Introduction: The Turn to Authority beyond States
Birgit Peters and Johan Karlsson Schaffer

The Concept of Authority Transnationalised
Henrik Enroth

Between Power and Persuasion: On International Institutions’ Authority in Making Law
Ingo Venzke

Instrumentalism or Constitutivism: A Dilemma for Accounts of Transnational Political Authority
Patrick Taylor Smith

Testing Detachment of International Criminal Tribunals: Empirical Evidence from the ICTY
Michal Onderco, Barbora Hola and Stijn Ruiter

Generalising the Principle of Complementarity: Framing International Judicial Authority
Simon Hentrei


A review of The UN Security Council and the Politics of International Authority edited by Bruce Cronin and Ian Hurd
Julia Domnick

Occupy Global Law: Against a Realist Takeover of World Rules - A review of World Rule: Accountability, Legitimacy, and the Design of Global Governance by Jonathan GS Koppell
Bertram Lomfeld

Conceptualizing Inequalities? The Politics of Hegemony and the Choice of International Law = A review of Hierarchy in International Relations by David A Lake
David Roth-Isigkeit

Ascertaining Legal Rules in an Age of Uncertainty - A review of Formalism and the Sources of International Law: A Theory of the Ascertainment of Legal Rules by Jean d’Aspremont

Hannah Birkenkötter 

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