29 January 2014

BOOK: Siems on Comparative Law

Mathias Siems’ Comparative law is due to be published in May 2014. It

presents a fresh contextualised and cosmopolitan perspective on comparative law. It critically discusses established approaches to comparative law, but also presents more modern ones, such as socio-legal and numerical comparative law. Special emphasis is given to the impact of globalisation on legal systems. The argument of this book is structured as follows: Part 1 looks at past approaches to comparative law and how these approaches have been challenged by contextual research. Parts 2 and 3 explain how at present other disciplines make comparative law richer by using new methods and extending it to new questions. In Part 4 it is proposed that future comparative law can even go further by integrating the research of other disciplines, even if this is not yet classified as comparative law.

Keep an eye out for the book.  In the meantime, check out Siems’ Comparing Laws Blog.

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