21 January 2013

LECTURE: Stigall at the Center of Civil Law Studies

The Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS) of the Paul M Hebert Law Center will host a lecture by Dan Stigall--a friend and member--on 28 January:

Dan Stigall, JD LSU and LLM George Washington University, presently working with the Department of Justice, will give a talk on Monday January 28 from 12:40 to 1:40 in room 106.

Dan Stigall has an amazing international experience, as a military lawyer in Europe and the Middle East and now as a Trial Attorney, Office of International Affairs at U.S. Department of Justice:

He speaks French, is well published (including in the Louisiana Law Review where he authored a rich article on Iraqi law) and is a member of Juris Diversitas, a Comparative Law international network (http://jurisdiversitas.blogspot.com). His enthusiasm for the civil law, comparative law, foreign and international experience is contagious and he is a great communicator.

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