24 January 2013

LANGIAPPE: Crash Course On Socializing At A Scientific Conference Dinner

Crash Course On Socializing At A Scientific Conference Dinner
A blog entry on The Thesis Whisper on conference attendance--circulated by Jan Smits--might be of interest:
You  meet anybody new at the last scientific conference.
You paid high registration fees, travelled to the other side of the world, listened to boring talks, nobody came to your poster.
At least you met interesting people at the conference dinner, didn’t you?
Well, it’s kind of hard when you are hanging out all the time with the people of your own group.
Attending a scientific conference is a great opportunity to meet new people and do some networking.  A large network will come in handy to land new projects, collaborations or jobs to progress in your scientific career.
You cannot change anything from past conferences. Luckily, there’s a new one in a few months and you are going to get your stuff together and make the most of it.
But do you know how? Do you know how to network at a conference?
If you follow these tips you will be a master of socializing at scientific conference dinners.
See the full post here.

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