25 January 2013

JOURNAL: Transnational Legal Theory

Volume 3, Issue 2 has been published.

Symposium: Brian Simpson’s Reflections on The Concept of Law’

Guest Editors: Dino Kritsiotis (University of Nottingham) and Christopher McCrudden (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Brian Simpson’s Reflections on ‘The Concept of Law’: An Introduction to the Symposium
Christopher McCrudden

Brian Simpson’s Approach to Legal Scholarship and the Significance of Reflections on ‘The Concept of Law’
David Sugarman

Brian Simpson’s Empiricism
Joshua Getzler

History, Law and Language; or, What Can Foxes Teach Hedgehogs?
Michael Lobban

Success in Legal Philosophy
William Lucy

Jurisprudence for Foxes
Leslie Green

Reflections on Brian Simpson
Nicola Lacey

What is the Point of Legal Archaeology?
William Twining

Is the Rule of Recognition a Rule?
Frederick Schauer

Oxford Jurisprudence Redux
Paul Roberts

Public International Law and the Concept of Law Applied
Dino Kritsiotis

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