20 January 2013

JOURNAL: Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law

The new Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law has been published:

Guest Editorial:
Enforcing Fundamental Values: EU Law and Governance in Hungary and Romania, M. Dawson and E. Muir, p. 469

European Collective Action: Towards Coherence?, R. Money-Kyrle and C. Hodges, p. 447

Some More Equal than Others? Matrimonial Benefits and the CJEU’s Case Law on Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation, J. Mulder, p. 505

Is Online Mediation the Way to Fit the Forum to the Fuss?, E. M. Lombardi, p. 524

Book Review:
Pier Giuseppe Monateri (ed.), Methods of Comparative Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham and Northampton 2012, xi + 325 p., hardback, L115, ISBN 978–1–84980–252–9, E. Patrignani, p. 549

Case Notes:
‘Start the Engines’, Comment on the ESM-judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court of 12 September 2012, F.  Schorkopf, p. 554

Case C-378/10 VALE Építési Kft ., Judgment of 12 July 2012, not yet reported Freedom of establishment: cross-border transfer of company ‘seat’ – The last piece of the puzzle?, S. Rammeloo, p. 563

Case C-130/10 European Parliament v. Council of the European Union, Judgment of 19 July 2012, not yet reported, A. Ott, p. 589

Recent Legal Development:
Monti II: Th e Subsidiarity Review Process Comes of Age… Or Then Again Maybe It Doesn’t, G. Barrett, p.  595

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