11 December 2012

PUBLICATION: Casabona on the Law of Macau and its Language

The always interesting Law and Humanities Blog recently noted that Salvatore Casabona has published The Law of Macau and its Language: A Glance at the Real 'Masters of the Law' in the (2012) 4 Tsinghua China Law Review 223.

The article is also available on SSRN:

This article discusses the biligualistic legal system in Macau. The discussion begins with the outline of the history of the Macanese bilingualism. The author then examines the crucial distinction between the language in the law and the law in the language. By analogy to European Community and other bilingual legal systems, this article identities the characteristic of Macanese mulitlingualism. This article concludes with suggestions about a new approach and the role of universities in resolving the matter.

Salvatore, a member of Juris Diversitas, never mentioned the article. 

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