13 December 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS: Italian Association of Comparative Law Conference

Italian Association of Comparative LawXXII AIDC CONFERENCE
30 May-1 June 2013

The XXII AIDC Conference will explore anew the intellectual assessment of comparative law, moving from a critical re-mapping of traditional and conventional views. The aims are both to explore and debate the recent trends in legal scholarship, and to suggest arguments for a pluralistic comparative law epistemology. What is at stake is the strategic power of comparative law as a discipline in order to construct a global theorization of legal and geopolitical order; to shape and control cultural flows and forms; to articulate contemporary spatial dialectics.

Submissions may include, but are not limited to, an exploration of the following possible themes and issues:

- comparative law, governance and politics
- legal origins and law reforms
- methods and perspectives
- legitimating discourses and practices
- the globalization of contract, torts and property
- order and sovereignty
- corporate perspectives and secured transactions
- hybridity and legal systems.

See the conference notice here for more information.

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