09 December 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS: Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law Conference



Legal Tradition in a Diverse World
Second Cambridge Journal of International
18-19 May 2013

The conference will:

explore how legal tradition influences lawyers and the law, in both international and domestic contexts. Law does not develop in a vacuum; it is shaped by the intellectual, cultural and linguistic backgrounds of those who create and administer it. In a world where legal systems increasingly interact, the enduring power of legal tradition necessitates a constant recalibration of theoretical and practical tools to deal with diversity.

To submit a paper proposal:

please email your file, together with a brief biography or CV, to conference@cjicl.org.uk. Conference abstracts must be no longer than 300 words. The deadline for submission is 15 January 2013 - successful applicants will be notified by 1 February.

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