24 July 2012

NOTICE: Latest Issue of Jurisprudence

The last issue of Jurisprudence is now published:

The Articles include:
The Jurisprudence Annual Lecture 2012: Making Laws Better or Making Better Laws?
Onora O’Neill

What Conscience Can Do for Equity
Irit Samet

Three Versions of Liberal Tolerance: Dworkin, Rawls, Raz
Denise Meyerson

There is also an interesting ‘Discussion’ on ‘Custom and Living Law’:

Donal Coffey

On Law and Justice in Community
Paul Brady

The Legitimate Authority of the Living Law
Oran Doyle

Rescuing Living Law from Jurisprudence
Marc Hertogh

On the Spontaneous Sources of Law
Garrett Barden

Living Law, Normative Pluralism, and Analytic Jurisprudence
Tim Murphy

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