24 July 2012

NOTICE: Indigenous Nations & Peoples Law eJournal

The always interesting Indigenous Nations & Peoples Law eJournal on SSRN has announced the following work:
    Center for Indigenous Law, Governance & Citizenship at Syracuse University College of Law
  • Alleviating the Tension between Species Preservation and Religious Freedom - Kathryn E. Kovacs, Rutgers School of Law – Camden
  • Tribes, Land, and the Environment (Introduction) - Sarah Krakoff, University of Colorado Law School, and Ezra Rosser, American University - Washington College of Law
  • Legal Pluralism and the Continuing Quest for Legal Certainty in Ecuador: A Case Study from the Andean Highlands -Marc Simon Thomas, affiliation not provided to SSRN
  • Bringing Balance to Mid-North America: Re-Structuring the Sovereign Relationships between Tribal Nations and the United States - Angelique Townsend EagleWoman, University of Idaho - College of Law
  • Ipeelee and the Pursuit of Proportionality in a World of Mandatory Minimum Sentences - Debra L. Parkes, University of Manitoba - Faculty of Law

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