24 July 2012

NOTICE: Stateless Law? The Future of the Discipline Conference

Stateless Law? The Future of the Discipline
Faculty of Law and Paul-Andre Crepeau

Centre for Private and Comparative Law,
McGill University, Montreal Conference

28 29 September 2012, Faculty of Law, McGill University

The Paul-Andre Crepeau Centre for Private and Comparative Law and the Faculty of Law of McGill University will host Stateless Law? The Future of the Discipline, an international conference that will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the McGill BCL/LLB Program. This event will aim to foster a debate that critically assesses the latest developments in legal thought and innovative approaches to law, in the light of the challenge of globalization and the move away from a national paradigm for understanding law. It will also ask the question of how to integrate the insights so gained into the teaching of law. The concern is with law in all its dimensions: public and private, local and transnational, formal and informal. By being forced to abandon, at least in part, the posited law of the nation state as their lode star, legal education and legal scholarship have been presented with an opportunity to break the mould of centuries of legal nationalism: an opportunity that encourages new, transdisciplinary and transnational ways of thinking about law. In short, the goal is to re-assess and to re-imagine the discipline of law, its place in the university, and its role in society.

THEMES: Some of the themes which will be covered are: (view online programme): How do globalization and legal pluralism affect our understanding of law and legal education? In its interaction with other disciplines, how does law preserve its disciplinary identity? Can a renewed understanding of particular fields of law shed light on our evolving understanding of the discipline? How is the teaching and research of basic private law-contracts, civil wrongs, property, the law of persons-affected by the increasingly transnational and transdisciplinary focus of legal scholarship?

The working languages of the conference will be English and French.

SPEAKERS: Confirmed speakers include:
- Professor Louis Assier-Andrieu (Sciences Po Paris)
- Professor George Bermann (Columbia University)
- Professor Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv University)
- Professor John Gardner (University of Oxford)
- Hon. Nicholas Kasirer (Quebec Court of Appeal)
- Professor Ralf Michaels (Duke University)
- Professor Annelise Riles (Cornell University)
- Professor Stephen Toope (University of British Columbia)
- Professor Ernest Weinrib (University of Toronto)
- Professor Frederic Zenati-Castaing (Lyon III University)

REGISTRATION/FURTHER INFORMATION: More information, detailed program and registration online: http://www.mcgill.ca/stateless

Take advantage of our early bird price (save 50$) until August 1, 2012. A request for Continuing Legal Education accreditation has been made to the Barreau du Quebec.

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