22 May 2014

JURIS DIVERSITAS BOOK SERIES: Update on Titles (May 2014)

Update on Titles (May 2014)

Juris Diversitas is proud to have a book series with Ashgate (we're also a Publishing Partner): 

Our first volume, due in the autumn, will be Seán Patrick Donlan and Lukas Heckerdon-Ursheler (eds), Concepts of Law: Comparative, Jurisprudential, and Social Science Perspectives 

Two other volumes on mixed systems are also due in the autumn :
The series is much wider in focus, however, and, aong additional titles, the following are due within the next year:
  • Shauna van Praagh and Helge Deldek (eds), Stateless Law: evolving Boundaries of a Discipline
  • Daniela Berti, Anthony Good, and Gilles Tarabout (eds), Of Doubt and Proof: Ritual and Legal Practices of Judgment
Of course, we're looking for texts, too. While we anticipate publishing future collections (original, conference-based, Festschriften, etc), we're especially interested in publishing monographs and student texts (eg, comparative law, jurisprudence, etc). 

Let me know if you've any ideas: sean.donlan@ul.ie.

Finally, note that selected volumes are also provided free with membership. Sign up now and pass the word!

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