19 May 2014

JOURNAL: Transnational Legal Theory

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new, special issue of Transnational Legal Theory

Symposium on William Twining’s Montesquieu Lecture, Globalisation and Legal Scholarship

Why Global Law is Transnational: Remarks on the Symposium around William Twining’s Montesquieu Lecture
Peer Zumbansen

Global Situation Sense
Phillip Paiement and Willem Witteveen

A Dubious Montesquieuian Moment in Constitutional Scholarship: Reading the Empirical Turn in Comparative Constitutional Law in the Light of William Twining and his Hero
Ming-Sung Kuo

Perspectives on the Global: A Reflection on Twining’s Globalisation and Legal Scholarship
Jessica Eisen

Two Models of General Jurisprudence
Dan Priel

Locating a Global Perspective
Eve Darian-Smith

Re-Constituting the Hegemony of Western Law in the Third World: A Postcolonial Critique of Twining’s ‘General Jurisprudence’
Ali Hammoudi

From Reaction to Agency: A ‘Subaltern’ Response to William Twining’s Globalisation and Legal Scholarship
Basil Ugochukwu

Reorienting the ‘Global’ in Legal Theory: Reading Temporal Methods into Twining’s Proximal Analysis
Terrine Friday

Mapping the Territory: Contextual Jurisprudence, Legal Pluralism and WTO Law and Development
Maria Panezi

Globalisation, Legal Ideas, and the Creation of Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime
Derek McKee

Globalisation and Legal Scholarship in Colombia: Petit commentaire on William Twining’s 2009 Montesquieu Lecture
Marco A Velásquez-Ruiz

Global Legal Scholarship and Interdisciplinarity
Vanisha H Sukdeo

Turbulent Transitions: Implementing Global Perspectives in Legal Education
Brendan Jowett

Globalisation and Legal Scholarship: William Twining’s Call for Revolutionary Jurisprudence
Sas Ansari

Embracing the Challenge: Legal Scholarship in a Global Era
Morag Goodwin

Complementing Comparison: Renewing Analytical Legal Theory to Meet the Explanatory Challenge of Globalisation
Keith Culver and Michael Giudice

Globalisation and Legal Scholarship: A Response
William Twining

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