10 January 2013

PUBLICATION: Lo Giudice on Democracy without Foundations

Presentazione de "La democrazia infondata" di Alessio Lo GiudiceAlessio Lo Giudice, a Juris Diversitas member, has recently published La democrazia infondata. Dal contratto sociale alla negoziazione degli interessi (Carocci, 2012):

The book considers present theories of institutions and political practices in light of the democratic principle and of the modern idea of a social contract. It underlines the risk that present democratic institutions are procedurally legitimate but theoretically unfounded because of the historical-conceptual path of modernity which has undermined the idea of a free and rational individual subject. It suggests that new forms of deliberative and participatory democracy or models of horizontal democratic governance could legitimate individual political acts, but are unlikely to manage the crisis of democracy as an institutional form.

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