10 January 2013

NOTICE: Legal Aid in the World


Happy New Year! The ABA International Legal Resource Center (ILRC) is seeking an expert to conduct research on the state of provision of legal aid in the world on a pro bono, telework basis. For the purpose of this request, UNDP is defining legal aid as encompassing criminal and civil justice issues and covers legal advice, assistance and representation by legal and paralegal groups (including both formal and traditional justice mechanisms).

There is no expected travel. Interested candidates should submit a CV and a short paragraph detailing relevant background. The deadline for expressions of interest is Tuesday, January 15, 2013!

The research should cover among others:

  • An overview of existing legal aid policies and legislative frameworks for the provision of legal aid and brief outline on state of implementation.
  • A mapping of existing studies undertaken on the state of legal aid at country, sub-regional, regional and global levels.
  • Analysis of existing gaps in knowledge/evidence base on state of legal aid.
A comprehensive bibliography including links and actual documents where available is required.

All questions can be directed to Jacqueline Gichinga at Jacqueline.Gichinga@americanbar.org.

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