10 January 2013

JOURNAL: Cultural Studies - The Force of Meaning: Cultural Studies of Law

Some of you may be interested in the special edition of Cultural Studies: ‘The Force of Meaning: Cultural Studies of Law’ (Volume 27, No. 1, 2013).

Here is a list of articles and authors included in the special issue:
  • Knox, Sara L. & Davies, Cristyn. ‘The Force of Meaning: Cultural Studies of Law’
  • Manderson, Desmond. Memory and Echo: Pop cult, hi tech and the irony of Tradition
  • Sarat, Austin & Umphrey, Martha M. ‘Temporal Horizons: On the possibilities of Law and Fatherhood in To Kill a Mockingbird’
  • Hutchings, Peter J. ‘Entertaining Torture, Embodying Law’
  • Pugliese, Joseph. ‘Instrumental and Gratuitous Violence: The torture and death of Gul Rahman in the CIA Salt Pit’
  • Davies, Cristyn. ‘Constructing Decency: Government subsidized cultural production during the culture wars’
  • Jaleel, Rana. ‘Weapons of Sex, Weapons of War: Feminisms, ethnic conflict and the rise of rape and sexual violence in public international law during the 1990s’
  • Erni, John Nguyet. ‘Legitimating Transphobia: The legal disavowal of transgender rights in prison’.

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