15 March 2015

JURIS DIVERSITAS: Micro-Jurisdictions and Small States Symposium (The Institute of Law (Jersey), 17 April 2015)

Micro-Jurisdictions & Small States Symposium
The Institute of Law (Jersey)
17 April 2015

In conjunction with the Institute of Law (Jersey), Juris Diversitas will co-host a symposium on micro-jurisdictions and small states in St Helier, Jersey on 17 April 2015.

Those who wish to attend as participants or observers should contact David Marrani (David.Marrani@lawinstitute.ac.je ) or Ignazio Castellucci (ignazio@castellucci.eu). 

Envisioned as the first in a series, the symposium is designed to establish direct avenues of communication between representatives of microjurisdictions and small states from around the globe.

Participants will be prepared to discuss the formation and structures, etc of their respective jurisdictions and traditions. The unique features of micro-jurisdictions will also be considered, eg their:
  • survival over long periods of political aggregation
  • dominance by other jurisdictions
  • unusual or archaic legal mixtures or forms of sovereignty
  • role as financial centres
  • cultural and legal identities

The event will produce three concrete results.
  • An international Network of Micro-Jurisdictions and Small States will be established by the Institute
  • A Project on European Micro-Jurisdictions will be launched by Juris Diversitas
  • Topics for Future Meetings or Projects will be determined, eg legal education and the legal profession

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