24 February 2014

OPPORTUNITY: Baseline Study for the Maldivian Justice Sector and Its Relevant Partners

I recently received the following. SPD

In view of the existing challenges and needs, UNDP/Maldives has developed the integrated Governance Programme (IGP) consolidating the projects under the Democratic Governance Portfolio into 3 results areas of Institutional Development, Rule of Law and Access to Justice and Social Cohesion. Result 2 areas of the programme addresses the justice sector under rule of law and access to justice. The lack of baselines in the justice sector and its relevant institutions has been an obstacle to measure the impact of changes that have taken place in the country in the past 5 years. While anecdotal information are available on people’s perception and institutions performance and challenges, lack of concrete information on the progress made within the justice sector has negative effects on formulation of focused programs for the sector.

The expert will serve as a Team Leader and provide overall leadership in the study and substantive inputs and guidance to the research team to be recruited for the survey. The purpose of the baseline study is to provide a snapshot of the sector status and create the foundation regarding the state of an evidence base access to justice in the Maldives. It will provide a clear picture of the state of the justice sector including how the major justice sector agencies are performing in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in justice delivery, constraints and bottlenecks to undertake necessary legal reforms, how people resolve legal disputes and the challenges they face in doing so across both formal and informal justice systems. The study will cover mapping and analysis of administrative and qualitative data as well as perception surveys. There are three sets of target respondents for the base line study:

  • Claim holders: The Public in general and the more vulnerable in particular and the treatment towards them by police and the justice system ;
  • Duty bearers: The Justice Sector institutions using existing data (Attorney General’s Office, Prosecutor General’s Office, Maldives Police Service, Prisons, the Courts and Judicial Administration and Judicial Service Commission);
  • Expert Users/Practitioners: Private lawyers, Human Rights/Legal NGOS.

S/he must have the following:

  • Advanced degree in Law, Development Studies, Social Science or related field;
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in access to justice/ human rights / rule of law issues through providing evidence-based policy advice;
  • Demonstrable international experience in the field of access to justice/rule of law/human rights with substantive experience in the justice sector;
  • Substantive/proven experience in conducting baseline survey exercise in the past with strong analytical capacity;
· Knowledge of the context of the region and the Maldives’ political landscape;
· Previous work experience in the region;
· Experience with UNDP or another a UN agency and familiarity with UN/UNDP field operations is an asset; and
· Excellent oral and written skills in English and knowledge of local language is an asset.

[Contact Jacqueline.Gichinga@americanbar.org for] a more in-depth summary []. We would be most appreciative if you would review each TOR and determine whether you, anyone you know or any organization with which you are affiliated may have any knowledge of experts who might be good candidates for this opportunity. If you or members of your organization are interested in working on this project, please email an updated CV, completed P-11 form, and cover letter* (attached as word or PDF documents) by Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 5PM U.S. EST. As always, we appreciate your assistance and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

*Cover letters should express your interest in the position and outline why your background is suitable for the position.

Completed applications must be sent to Jacqueline.Gichinga@americanbar.org.

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