28 February 2014

JOURNAL - UPDATE : The European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance

image of European Journal of Comparative Law and GovernanceIn December, I posted the following message:

Through an unusual arrangement with the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists (WSMJJ), the new European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance has brought together some two dozen articles generated by the WSMJJ Congress in the summer of 2011.

As I write in my introduction to this collection, the Congress

reflected a thriving Society consolidating its core scholarship on classical mixed jurisdictions (Israel, Louisiana, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Quebec, Scotland, and South Africa) while reaching to new horizons (including Cyprus, Hong Kong and Macau, Malta, Nepal, etc). The collection reflects the complexity of contemporary scholarship on mixed and plural legal systems.  

The articles are available here. They were originally published in several law journals across Europe, the United States, and Africa. Another five articles will be made available soon.

In future, the journal will publish print versions of its volumes. The journal

publishes top-level academic contributions in English that explore the phenomena of law and governance from a comparative perspective. It includes comparative studies from different fields of law and regulation as well as multi-disciplinary studies on societal governance issues. Comparative studies involving non-European countries are welcome when they deal with topics relevant also for European science and society. All contributions will be subject to double-blind peer review.

Have a look. 


The full list of articles is now available online. They include: 

·        Love, Loyalty and the Louisiana Civil Code: Rules, Standards and Hybrid Discretion in a Mixed Jurisdiction - John A. Lovett

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