20 November 2013

JOURNAL: (2013) 36(2) PoLAR

From the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology:

PoLAR issue 36(2) is out now! In addition to three general articles and a number of book reviews, it features essays from a symposium on Illegal Anthropology organized by Rebecca Galemba and Kedron Thomas. For more details on this issue, visit PoLAR website: http://www.polaronline.org.

Also, note that the upcoming December issue of the journal Qualitative Sociology might be of particular interest to some of you. The Special Issue, entitled Reassembling Ethnography: Actor-Network Theory and Sociology, explores the purchase of Actor-Network Theory (ANT) for qualitative and ethnographic sociologies. It is now available online at http://link.springer.com/journal/11133/onlineFirst/page/1.

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