08 October 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS, PANELS, ETC: Canadian Law and Society Association Annual Meeting

Canadian Law and Society Association, Annual Meeting 2014 -
- June 6-8, 2014
Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba

Law’s Encounters: Co-existing and Contradictory Norms and Systems

Law is dynamic. Over the course of time, law changes within and across societies. These changes are influenced by the course that society takes and in turn, society changes based on the dictates of law. In the process of societal interactions, law becomes expressed in multiple forms. Some of these forms are complementary, others are contradictory. The focus of the Canadian Law and Society’s Annual Meeting in 2014 is law’s multiple encounters in navigating interactions in society. It involves an exploration of co-existing legal and socio-legal norms as well as the contradictions inherent in some of these encounters. We are interested in papers, panels and other groups that explore law’s encounters at the margins as well as the center.

Our broad theme explores several areas of socio-legal thought and scholarship including:

- Disciplinary allegiances in socio-legal scholarship
- Indigenous laws and traditions and other legal systems
- Interactions between social norms, statute and other forms of legal expression
- International law/norms and domestic law
- Historical foundations of law’s multi-faceted encounters
- New and emerging socio-legal encounters
- Law’s encounters with gender, disability, race, health, age, criminalization etc.
- Crises – war, terrorism, financial crises and others – and spontaneous development of laws in light of pre-existing norms
- Law’s encounters with difference
We invite proposals in these areas and others that explore the broad theme of the co-existences and contradictions inherent in law’s encounters with peoples, communities and broader society. Proposals may include but are not limited to papers, panels, graduate student workshops, roundtables, research workshops, author meets readers sessions.

We also invite expressions of interest for chairing panels.

Please e-mail proposals of between 250 words to 300 words, including 2-4 keywords, institutional affiliation and contact details to Maura Matesic at mmatesic@yorku.ca by January 15, 2014. We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal.

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