05 September 2013

JOURNAL: Crime, Law, and Social Change

Springer has recently published the latest addition of Crime, Law and Social Change (2013) 60: 2.

In this issue:

Varieties of corruption control: introduction to special issue
Hans Krause Hansen & Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch

Regulating transnational corporate bribery: Anti-bribery and corruption in the UK and Germany
Nicholas Lord

The limitations of neoliberal logic in the anti-corruption industry: Lessons from Papua New Guinea
Grant W. Walton

How has the private sector reacted to the international standard against transnational bribery? Evidence from corporate anticorruption compliance programs in Argentina
Guillermo Jorge and Fernando Felipe Basch

On the dark side of the code: organizational challenges to an effective anti-corruption strategy
Julian Klinkhammer

How damages recovery actions can improve the fight against corruption: the crisis of criminal law policies and the role of private enforcement in an Italian case of judicial corruption
Paola Mariani

Fostering management education to deter corruption: what do students know about corruption and its legal consequences?
Katharina Becker, Christian Hauser and Franz Kronthaler

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