02 August 2013

JOURNAL: Settler Colonial Studies

Settler Colonial StudiesI just discovered Settler Colonial Studies, a journal that promises to be useful for the study of the diffusion of Western legal ideas and institutions around the world. 

The journal:

was established to respond to a growing demand for reflection and critical scholarship on settler colonialism as a distinct social and historical formation.

The journal aims to establish settler colonial studies as a distinct field of scholarly research. Scholars and students will find and contribute to historically-oriented research and analyses covering contemporary issues. We also aim to present multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, involving areas like history, law, genocide studies, indigenous, colonial and postcolonial studies, anthropology, historical geography, economics, politics, sociology, international relations, political science, literary criticism, cultural and gender studies and philosophy.

This journal will be considering original feature articles, review articles, shorter reviews, and proposals for thematic issues.

Have a look.

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