29 July 2013

CALL FOR ARTICLES: Journal of Civil Law Studies (Louisiana)

The Journal of Civil Law Studies welcomes submissions of articles and notes related to civil law topics in Louisiana and worldwide. Unsolicited book reviews and review articles are also welcome.

The following are regarded as topics of particular interest:
  • Civil law institutions in the world (with an emphasis on comparative perspectives)
  • Law revision in Louisiana and other civil law jurisdictions, with a special focus on the revision of the law of obligations, sales, property, and land registration
  • Community of gains in Louisiana and in other US jurisdictions
  • French, Spanish, and other influences on the development of the Louisiana civil law
  • Comparative legal history
  • Slavery and civil law taxonomy (particularly regarding the Louisiana Digest of 1808 and the Louisiana Civil Code of 1825)
The JCLS is intended to promote a multidisciplinary and pluralistic approach, with a focus on the following themes:
  • The evolution of the law in mixed jurisdictions, mainly Louisiana
  • The evolution of the civil law in English speaking environments: linguistic challenges, translation, legal transplants, cross-fertilization, contamination, diffusion
  • The impact of globalization on the evolution of the civil law and the common law
  • The impact of the civil law and the common law outside the western world and their interrelation with other legal traditions
  • Bridging the divide between civil law and common law in the Americas and in Europe
  • The combination of the civil law and common law traditions in the harmonization and unification processes, including linguistic and taxonomic challenges.

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