20 August 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS: Saint-Petersburg Uni Press

Saint-Petersburg University Press has issued a call for papers.

We are looking for artcles on comparative private law and comparative legislation. Succesful article:

- no more then 25 pages,
- has sent before 1st December 2013;
- may be published before, but not in Russia;
- written in English, Dutch or Russian;
- having interesting abstract in English (200 words);
- with short author's CV.
Preferred topics are:
  • Civil law v. Common law;
  • Modern Civil Legislation;
  • Legal Research and Legislation;
  • History of Civil Law;
  • Civil Law in Common Law Countries;
  • Civil Law Systems.
Succesul articles will be translated into Russian and published in Saint-Petersburg by leading Russian journal 'Jurisprudence' ('Pravovedenie').
Contact details: moutaye@gmail.com, Irina Moutaye, editor of SPbUP.

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