16 July 2013

JURIS DIVERSITAS: The Juris Diversitas Book Series (Ashgate)

The first texts of the Juris Diversitas Book Series are being prepared for publication. 

Our first volume will be Seán Patrick Donlan and Lukas Heckerdon-Ursheler (eds), Concepts of law: comparative, jurisprudential, and social science perspectives. 

Additional volumes being prepared include:

  • Christina Allard (ed), Autonomous Sámi law: indigenous rights in Scandinavia
  • Mohamed Mattar and Vernon Palmer (eds), Mixed legal systems, East and West: newest trends and developments
  • Shauna van Praagh and Helge Deldek (eds), Stateless Law: evolving boundaries of a discipline

While we anticipate publishing future collections (original, conference-based, Festschriften, etc), we're also very interested in publishing monographs and student texts. 

For additional information, see www.ashgate.com/default.aspx?page=4697 or contact Seán Patrick Donlan at sean.donlan@ul.ie

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